Aliter Nework’s solution is to focus on refurbishment of Digital Devices as the front line of the shift to more circular IT: Unit 6: Planning a Computing Project Assignment, CUL, UK

University City University of London (CUL)
Subject Unit 6: Planning a Computing Project

Vocational scenario
Aliter Nework’s solution is to focus on refurbishment of Digital Devices as the front line of the shift to more circular IT. The company hire you as junior researcher for their Research and Development Department. The objective of refurbishing Digital Devices is to keep it working for as long as possible. By extending the life of equipment, the amount of e-waste is reduced at the same time that the amount of new equipment sold can also be reduced. This also avoids further environmental damage in manufacturing such as mining, water consumption and significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Aliter Nework’s solution wants you to think as a junior researcher and discover that how Digital Devices refurbishment can work in a number of ways, all of which contribute to reducing e-waste. Some of these include:

1. Testing and refurbishing devices for companies so that they can continue
using it for longer.

2. Refurbishing working devices that is no longer needed and finding new homes for it.
3. Replacing failed components to extend the life of existing devices.

4. Upgrading previous generations of equipment with new compatible
components to give them a new lease of life with improved performance. You as a jr. researcher also demonstrate that how these approaches are not just good for the environment, but can also save companies significant amounts of

It can reduce the amount of money spent on buying new equipment that isn’t needed, while also reducing the amount of money paid to waste companies to dispose of old equipment. Furthermore, for those companies that purchase refurbished equipment, they can often achieve the same level of performance with cost savings of between 65-90%

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