Activity 1: Description of your chosen organization- The organization that I work for is KBR, Inc. which is a global provider: Workplace Health And Safety Principles Assignment, UK

Subject Workplace Health And Safety Principles

Part 2: Workplace-based activities

Activity 1: Description of your chosen organization

The organization that I work for is KBR, Inc. which is a global provider of various professional services and technologies to both the energy sector firms and government.

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The organization KBR currently employs 37,500 workers situated across various sites and it has customers worldwide across 80 countries and operates across 40 counties. The various solutions that it provides to various sectors and firms include government solutions, technology solutions and energy solutions.

The government solutions provided by the company is to serve the government customers across the world that includes capabilities covering the full lifecycle of various departments like defense, aviation, space and other programs and missions of the government through systems engineering, program management and test and evaluation for maintenance, operations and field logistics.

The technology solutions include proprietary technology that focuses on monetization of hydrocarbons, in ethylene and petrochemicals; and other chemicals like ammonia, fertilizers, nitric acid, oil refining and gasification.

The energy solutions provided by the company includes the onshore gas and oil, LNG, GTL, offshore oil and gas both in shallow water and deep water and subsea. It also provides floating solutions like FPSO, FPU, FLNG and FSRU. Currently I work for this company which is a contractor to SADARA chemical company and we are responsible for maintenance activity in the SADARA chemical plant. My role is that of safety supervisor and I work as HSSE.

As a HSSE supervisor, my responsibilities include managing the HSSE policy and guidelines so as to ensure confirmations regarding requirements of the customers and the industry’s best practice. I work at the Isocyanates chemical plant of SADARA.

Isocyanates are highly reactive chemicals, and they are used in the manufacture of a wide range of products like rigid or flexible foams, coatings like varnishes and paints and also Answer sheet ID1-0002-ENG-OBE-V1 March22 © NEBOSH 2022 page fibers and elastomers which are increasingly used in automobile industry.

Working in such a chemical plant poses several health and safety hazards and hence our maintenance activity is very important for proper efficient running of the chemical plant.

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