A learning audit asks you to think about, and record systematically, what you have learnt over a period of time: Reflective Writing on Spatial Planning Strategies course Assignment, UOP, UK

Task 1 Learning Audit

A learning audit asks you to think about, and record systematically, what you have learned over a period of time. It is a way of showing how you perceive your learning progress and the gaps in your knowledge or skills that you think you still might have.

The purpose of the learning audit is not to assess whether or not you have learned these things in the course or courses in question. It is a personal reflection on what you think you have learned and whether that is significant for you.

You do not need to provide loads of technical details on what you actually learned.

Although not the main focus, part of this first task is to focus on the degree program you are studying and thinking back to before you started and what your assumptions were about planning and or real estate or both. This is a task that you can start reflecting on now.

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Some positive elements which could be included in this section are:

  • Reflective analysis of your thoughts on the Spatial Planning Strategies course or work-related activity.
  • Reflections on your background and how this impacted your learning experience in the course.
  • Reflection on pre-program assumptions and what happened to them.
  • Reflection on pre-course assumptions and what happened to them.
  • Insights into your learning process.
  • Reflections on pre/post-course gaps in knowledge and skills.
  • Overall awareness, reflections, and knowledge of the program you are studying and the RTPI or RICS or other professional organizations of your chosen path.


 The purpose of your learning log is to capture, by writing down, the process of your learning and the things that happen during your learning.

For this task, you must consider your coursework as ‘your practice’, or your ‘action’. The learning log is, ultimately, a reflection on that action. There are many different types of things that you should cover in your learning log, including, for example:

What did you do in your practice during these activities/coursework (describe the actual practical events that took place, how they looked and felt to you). What activities did you undertake (describe them)?

How did this coursework connect to other areas of your learning and why? Was that important to you? Relevant? Useful? Challenging?

How did you work with others either in your class or in some other context, on your coursework? Why did you choose that approach? What happened? Reflect on that as an experience and what you learned from working with others?


This task is simply a reflective summary of tasks 1 and 2, It is an overall reflection on how you have found the process of reflecting. Give a short summary of what you have found out about yourself, your learning, professional practice, and your own practice from undertaking Tasks 1 and 2 You might find these phrases helpful as a guide:

• Overall, the most difficult thing I found was…
• Overall the easiest thing I found was…
• I was most surprised when…
• If I had a chance to do it all again, I would change….
• The most significant thing I have come to understand about the way I learn is…
• My learning was triggered when…
• The methods I tend to use when I’m solving a problem are… (e.g. trial and error, private study, observation, discussion, networking with others)

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