6WBS0034: Evaluating the interplay between Trade Dynamics, Financial Globalisation, and service industries in Shaping: Issues in Global Economy Assignment, UOH, UK

University University of Hertfordshire (UOH)
Subject 6WBS0034: Issues in Global Economy Assignment

Assignment Title:

Video recording: Evaluating the interplay between Trade Dynamics, Financial Globalisation, and service industries in Shaping Global Economic patterns: A continuation from Environment policies and Global Governance (CW1).

You should discuss the following points: 

  • Start by introducing how this video podcast will expand upon the concepts by examine the trade dynamics, the role of service industries.
  • Discuss the evolution and the current state of international trade and how it has been influenced by financial globalisation. Connect this to development of the various, highlight the role industrial and agricultural trade, especially in developing countries.

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  • Explore how service industries have grown and their increasing importance in the global economy. Discuss how advantages in technology and communication have facilitated the growth.
  • Analyse the process and impact of liberalising trade in services, including the challenges and opportunities it presents, particularly for developing countries.
  • Delve deeper into the concept of financial globalisation, examine its historical context and current manifestations. Discuss how this has affected global economic patterns, capital flows, and investment strategies, particularly in relation to trade in financial services.
  • Summarise the interconnectedness of trade dynamics, service industry growth, and financial globalisation. Reflect on how those elements together influence global economic patterns.

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