6NU520: Describe and critique the care and treatment of a person living with asthma: Asthma: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management Assignment, UD, UK

University Birmingham City University (BCU)University Of Derby (UD)
Subject 6NU520: Asthma: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management

Nursing Asthma

Assessment Content Coursework 1 for 6NU520 contributes 100% towards your final module mark. You should describe and critique the care and treatment of a person living with asthma, using current evidence to support your discussion.

You should link theory and practice and demonstrate how undertaking this module has influenced your practice. You should provide a case study of an individual who is living with asthma as an appendix on which to base your critical discussion, ensuring the case study enables you to meet the module learning outcomes

Description of the assessment

The aim of this assessment is for students to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge they have gained from their study during this module related to the assessment of an individual with asthma. The summative, graded assessment comprises one piece of course work and you must achieve 40% or more in both pieces of coursework to pass the module.

Module Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

1. Recognise key aspects of professional knowledge and competence in asthma management that promote logical decision-making in normal, complex, and unpredictable contexts.

2. To evidence the ability to deploy accurately established techniques of analysis and treatment within the realms of asthma management.

3. To reflect on and critically evaluate your own professional role in understanding and facilitating self-management of the person with asthma.

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