5N0758: Describe Your Roles And Responsibilities As A Healthcare Assistant: Care Support Assignment, OC, UK

University The Open College (OC)
Subject 5N0758: Care Support

An Introduction: Describe your roles and responsibilities as a healthcare assistant and 4 members of the MDT whom you would be in contact/work with LO1,2

 Effective planning of the activity: Demonstration of the ability to plan and provide quality care to the client(s) by assessing their suitability for the activity on the day and ensuring all resources needed are present prior to hosting the activity. List any professional assistance you required in planning the activity and show how you applied this knowledge to plan and meet the needs of each client LO 3,4

Comprehensive description of how the activity was carried out.

Critical evaluation and reflection: Evaluation of both the activity and your professional skills in carrying out the event. Reflect on your relationship with the clients and your colleagues during this event and any interpersonal issues that arise in care work.

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