4216COMP: Identify insights you would extract from the data and how you would enable exploration: Computer Science Workshop Assignment, LJMU, UK

University Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
Subject 4216COMP: Computer Science Workshop

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand how to work as a team towards a shared goal.
  2. Share their ideas on a problem in a structured way for the benefit of the student’s technical team.
  3. Analyze and contribute to the behavior of a program written by someone else. Utilize the facilities of modern IDEs and SCMs to collaborate with others and streamline development in a group-working context.


  • Identify an open data set that you will be working
  • Identify insights you would extract from the data and how you would enable exploration e.g. menu, keyword search. For example, if it is population data, you may want to search and sort the data by towns, regions, years, etc. If it is timetable data, you may want to search for an optimal route between two destinations. However, the requirements will depend on the data set you choose and will be different for each student.
  • Identify algorithms that you will use to process and analyze the data. Design interfaces to interact with the application (design).
  • Prepare a specification document that describes your insights into the chosen data set as well as your requirements and design.
  • Implement the algorithms. At this stage, the output of your algorithms should be in a text form, either as console output or saved in a text file. You don’t need to implement them from scratch. Instead, you can use existing Python packages (e.g., Pandas). You should use Git and GitHub for source code management.
  • Attempt performance optimization of the implementation or implement more advanced algorithms.
  • Read about modern software development methodologies, e.g., Agile, SCRUM, Waterfall, etc.

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