1490: On the 10th September 2021 Ian Wright Chief Executive of FDF on labour shortages: Food Supply and Sustainability Assignment, CU, UK

University Cranfield University (CU)
Subject 1490: Food Supply and Sustainability


On the 10th September 2021 Ian Wright Chief Executive of FDF on labour shortages in the food industry… “stressed that the country would not run out of food, adding: “But what is changing now is that the UK shopper and consumer could have previously expected just about every product they want to be on a shelf or in the restaurant all the time. That’s over, and I don’t think it’s coming back.” https://meatmanagement.com/fdf-warns-supply-chain disruption-is-here-to-stay/ (Downloaded 7/10/21)

This quote is indicative of the challenges the food industry faces in a post COVID/ Brexit world. Your report is required to “Critically evaluate the issues impacting the sustainable supply of food from farm to fork for ONE specific food product.”


  • Identify and critically discuss different sectors within the food industry
  • Critically evaluate factors that impact sustainability across the food supply chain.

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