How to Write a Dissertation in Three Days

July 13, 2021 | George Orwell | 3938 views

Can you write a dissertation in 3 days or finish the thesis in 3 days? Many of the students will say no. Some students find it difficult to start their dissertation at the moment professors assign it to the students due to different reasons. When students are asked to write Dissertation they find it impossible.

But as students can not resist writing a thesis and in order to avoid failure, they simply procrastinate the dissertation. They also have questions Is it possible to do a dissertation in 3 days?  So the answer is yes,  this article contains tips that you can use in order to complete a dissertation in 3 days.

Steps to writing a dissertation in three days

So… How do You write a dissertation in just three days

Do you think you can write a dissertation in three days? I bet most of the people who are thinking that they will be able to write more than 200 pages of academic content in only 72 hours will say “yes”.

A lot of things depend on how much time you have given to yourself. If you’ve got only 3 days to accomplish your dissertation here are some steps to follow:

  • Day 1 – is all about research and writing the rough draft. You should not expect anything original or new at this stage, so just copy-paste information from different sources onto your paper without any referencing. Try avoiding plagiarism because it might lead you into serious trouble.
  • Day 2 – you are required to come up with the final draft of your paper using all secondary sources. At this stage, try to fill in more information about your topic by adding new facts and figures which are not available in the previous sources. You can find these data on websites or in books related to your dissertation topic.
  • Day 3 –, make sure that everything is perfect. No doubt it’s going to be very difficult for you because you will only have one single day to make corrections after checking for all mistakes and errors yourself.

I hope following the above steps will help you complete your dissertation but before that just remember that writing a master’s dissertation in 3 days is a very tough thing to do, so why not instead of that order it from a reliable dissertation writing service.

Tips for successfully completing your dissertation in 3 Days

Here are some suggestions for how to write a dissertation/thesis faster :
1. Choose your topic wisely: The most important step in writing your paper is choosing an appropriate topic for your dissertation. The easiest way to choose the right topic is, to begin with, what interests or inspires you since inspiration can make all the difference in how well you write and even where you get your ideas from.

2. Decide the length: It’s important to know the length of your dissertation. A basic research paper should have at least 10000 words and up to 100000, but if you only have enough time for a short paper then choose one that is less than 20k in length instead.

3. Divide your time for writing: You have three days left and, as such, need to make sure you are able to write 15000 words in those three days. If it takes 5-6 hours of work every day then that means on average 5000 words daily.

4. Write a Rough Outline: The absolute worst thing you can do when writing a
dissertation in three days is approach it without some kind of plan, or outline. While you may have only had 3 days to complete this assignment, taking the time to plan out your thoughts before entering them onto paper will pay off tenfold in the long run.

5. Writing in sections/parts: The most effective way to finish your dissertation in three days is by writing small parts. This will not only keep readers interested but also make it easier for you to manage time as each section can be completed at a different pace without affecting other sections, reducing pressure and helping focus more on the actual task at hand.

6. Don’t get distracted: The best way to avoid distractions is by taking a break from all social media for 3 days. If you spend every single minute on these sites, then stop using them completely and go outside or sit somewhere secluded where no one will bother you for a while-it; ll do wonders!

7. Checking and editing: Check your grammar and spelling before you submit. You need to make sure that the dissertation is 100% original. You can check for mistakes in an hour but don’t take on too much work because it will slow down the completion time of this project! Editing and proofreading services can be ordered from professionals.

8. Ask for help: It is not a weakness to ask for help. In fact, I believe that we should always be looking out for each other and helping those who need it. When you are working with a group, there is a good chance that someone will need help. If they only knew what to do or if they just needed more eyes on the problem, then it will be easy to solve. So feel free! You can also take the help of professionals.

Benefits of writing your dissertation in three days

If you are lucky to be given three days to come up with your dissertation there are many benefits for you regarding this. Here they are:

1) Save time and effort: – When you don’t have enough time, obviously, you will save some of it by writing quicker than the usual pace. You can also use the extra time that remains to check everything again before submission.

2) Lesser stress levels:- Compared to people who like spending weeks or months on their paper, writing in three days is far less stressful because during this period of time; all focus lies on managing what needs to be done at that moment rather than worrying about deadlines and due dates.

3) Vacationers delight:- You can make use of your spare time during holidays to edit and proofread your paper. This way you will save time that otherwise would have gone into researching and writing the first draft of the dissertation.

Well, the above-mentioned benefits sound pretty good but there is still no guarantee that following these steps will help you write the best quality dissertation in only 72 hours because quality matters more than speed. So take things slowly without compromising on accuracy and originality at any cost otherwise it may lead you into serious trouble.

How to write a Ph.D. thesis in 3 days?

If you are a master of Doctorate student then you must be aware of the difficulties that students trouble while doing the research of their dissertation. This difficulty is due to multiple reasons like lack of knowledge about research methodology that should be applied to the given particular topic. Other students fail to gather the resources for their research. While some of them are having issues with finding the solutions for the arguments.

Dissertation research work help to the students is available from the professional and experienced writers of Students Assignment Help. Students can avail of this help for writing their dissertation from round to clock as the dedicated writers are willing to provide their assistance round the clock. Here are some tips from the experts for doing the research work of the dissertation.

  1. Never pick a topic that is going through the scarcity of resources.
  2. Try to get through the work that has been done on the topic of your dissertation.
  3. Critically analyze whether your topic needs support from statistical data or without stats.
  4. According to the above observations, you can apply a research methodology
  5. Always substantiate your research work with the examples from the text of other references that you are taking into account.

Note: You can also use the above tips for writing A History Dissertation within 3 days.

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