How Quickly Can You Write a Dissertation?

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Dissertation is a term used to describe the final assignments submitted by Ph.D. students. In some countries, dissertation and thesis get used interchanging. A dissertation is a research project completed in undergraduate or post-graduate degrees. In general, a dissertation lets students present their findings in response to a proposition or query that they select on their own.

The dissertation aims to assess the research skills developed by students during their university life. The assessment determines the final grade of the postgraduate candidates. Although you will get help from your professors to complete a dissertation, yet it’s mostly independent.

Now that you got familiarized yourself with the term, one question that may cross your mind is How quickly can you write a dissertation? Well, the most accurate, but least response would be it depends on several factors.

How long is a university dissertation?

The length of a university dissertation varies depending on the study level and country. In general, it covers 10,000 to 12,000 words at the undergraduate level, 15,000 to 25,000 at the postgraduate level, and 60,000 or more at the Ph.D. level.

How fast can you type?

An average person can type in between 190 to 200 characters per minute. With the same speed, you can type about 38 to 40 words with 94% accuracy. Professions can type about 65 to 70 words within a minute.

Since pupils spend 80% time typing, let’s assume that each types 50 words in a minute. So, typing ten thousand words would take 3.3 hours approximately. Wait, it’s just typing words that you know already. Apart from typing words, a dissertation requires research, planning, and drafting a couple of citations.

So, while you may write 10,000 words in twelve hours you can’t complete a dissertation by that time. The fastest dissertation got completed in sixteen hours. Catherine Lux, a graduate of Brunel University completed her dissertation overnight. She wrote an essay on the Web and how it impacts social life and got 2:1.

A UK-based narrator states it took him about 12-20 months to complete his dissertation. It’s the time taken by average doctoral students. Students have six months of their final year to complete the thesis from conception to presentation.

By that time, they should come up with the notion, got their project accepted by a professor, conduct research, draft, rewrite, and present it. In general, a dissertation would cover ten to fifteen thousand words, based on their idea.

Most graduates would take 3 months to write it, as lecturers approve of their work.

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How long does it take to research a dissertation?

Time taken to research on dissertation relies on the subject you’re studying. Dissertation research needs you to structure your time carefully. You ought to keep your research goals measurable and realistic. You don’t necessarily have to read all books on a particular subject. Read selected items, and prioritize the best articles.

Schedule things and get them done. Take out time to analyze data, and complete the write-up.

Can I complete the dissertation within a month?

When you have 30 days to complete a dissertation, place importance on constructing a sound thesis, furnish an impactful argument and conclusion. Keeping these things in mind, cut out time to research and emphasize completing the thesis. Narrow down the references and sources. Stay focused on the subject matter. If you’ve less than a month to complete a dissertation, it is less likely that your lecturer will have the time to help you out. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with the expert team at

Above all, remember that a poor dissertation could fetch you a nominal mark. By failing to submit a dissertation, you might get a fail mark. So, you should make sure that you’ve compiled ten thousand words, and left no part untouched.

Can I complete my Dissertation in less than a week?

Completing a dissertation in seven days might be tough, but it’s not impossible.

Make brief research on online sources, and stay ready to cut some corners.

If you’ve less than a week to complete your thesis writing, it implies that you need to stay detached from your social life. You could pile up energy drinks, and work all night and day until the deadline.


Barring unavoidable events, the average time taken by postgraduate or undergraduate students to complete a dissertation would vary from thirteen to nineteen hours. If you’re efficient and proactive, you’ll able to complete your dissertation on time.

It indicates changing the tense of your project approval from future to past tense and writing acknowledgment and sections before final approval.

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