How to Write Focus Directive Essay (“to What Extent”)?

July 7, 2021 | George Orwell | 1445 views

This blog discusses directive essays where the phrase “to what extent” is used. Whenever a directive essay uses the phrase “to what extent” then it is asking to what extent the readers agree with the notion that is being posted.

In a general case, the students are required to agree with some notion because only then they are in a position to elaborate in the essay. A disagreement only implies a short essay and failing grades.

The objective is to comprehend the purpose of the essay queries. Such essay questions are considered superb as they allow the writers to demonstrate skills in a very limited amount of space.

The purpose of writing “to what extent” essays is to display one’s depth of knowledge about the subject matter of the essay. Such essays help the writers to demonstrate their independent judgments. This blog focuses on the essential components of all “to what extent” essays.

What to include while writing essays?

While you write “to what extent” essays then you have to write content in support of the notion that is being posted in the essay. You can find plenty of relevant content by doing research online. If you are finding it hard to write on “to what extent” essays then it is recommended that you visit the library, uses the resources that are available in the library.

You can also discuss with others who can guide you in writing such essays. You may have gathered several points on the idea associated with the topic. You can next attempt to write paragraphs on each of the points in a very logical and coherent manner.

While writing a paragraph it is advised to commence with a proper topic sentence. While writing the essay you may require incorporating examples. You may require examples in the form of statistics, data, and scholarly literature. Make it a point to think critically while writing the “to what extent” essays. It is advised not to end sentences by using quotations or examples. The essay writer needs to stay focused while you justify the relevance of the inclusions that you have made in your essay.

After doing this you can end the paragraph by using a strong concluding sentence. To make your essay prominent so that it can stand tall in this competitive world you can incorporate vocabularies that are very much subject-specific and make it a point to use vocabularies that are pertinent to the field of study.

Once you have displayed the level of your knowledge using the paragraphs in the essay, it’s time for you to create links to wider topics, issues, or arguments. This may appear counterintuitive. It may appear to you that you are getting strayed from the original arguments.

However, in this context, it is important to understand that admitting wider ideas while writing essays is essential as such actions enhance the importance of your original content and helps you to display your vast knowledge of the subject matter.

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How to structure a “to what extent” essay?

The “to what extent” essay must have an introduction. Having a proper introduction is a characteristic feature of all essays. Besides, the essay must have a body and a conclusion.

In the introduction, you need to place your idea about the subject and you need to justify your idea. Use appropriate reasons to justify your idea. In the second half of the essay, you have to discuss the various reasons that make your idea fail.

In this part of the essay, you can make use of examples, scholarly literature, and statistics. In this part of the essay, you need to offer alternatives to the reader as far as your original statement is concerned.

The final part of the “to what extent” essay is a good conclusion. The essay writers don’t have to present new information in the concluding part. The writer only discusses the arguments that he has made throughout the essay.

A “to what extent” essay needs a final decision. The essay writer can write that he agrees with the idea of the essay to a very large extent or a very small extent or a certain extent.

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