Analyze, Explain and Evaluate Answers Essay Question

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Essay terms, or questions – What are the prime essay terms? How should you respond to the queries? If you are on the lookout for information, you’ve come to the right place. To write an exceptional essay, you need to understand what the essay questionnaire is asking you to do.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of essay writing, you will admit that tackling essay terms and questions can be challenging. Essay writing requires you to conduct exhaustive research and studies so that you can support your facts with proper evidence.

Find out how to include those facts in the form of systematic and convincing arguments. Does it sound intimidating? Well, there is nothing to stress about, and conferring an argument isn’t difficult.

It is the same for students with many abilities and experiences. To write a well-structured essay, you need to interpret the essay’s claims. To understand the requirements, you need to have a grip of the question words. For instance, justify, analyze, discuss and examine to name a few.

Lacking proper knowledge of these question words is a loophole that many candidates drop. Follow our guidelines on interrogative words; it would help keep you mindful of essay-acing terms.

Question words- What they are actually

Words like analyze, explain and evaluate are seasonal words used in framing essay questions. It indicates how you should use them while structuring essays. Phrases need a varying degree of reactions, considerations. Often, they require a descriptive answer.

Regardless of their nature, question words play a vital role in framing descriptive essays and need special attention. Still, candidates overlook them and answer questions incorrectly. You might have detailed knowledge of your core field. But, if you fail to interpret question words in the essay, your article would be irrelevant and score poorly.

For instance, if it asks you to contrast between the British and French parliaments, you would skip points by differentiating between the two.

So, what should you do? It’s advisable to read this informational guide, where we categorized question words as descriptive or critical based on their nature. We hope that it would help you to determine the nature of their responses.

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Critical question words

Some inquiry words demand critical evaluation and the extent to what critical your essay answers would depend on the requisites of the question. Question words that demand critical response are as follows:

  • Review
  • Critically evaluate
  • Justify
  • Assess
  • To what extent
  • Examine
  • Discuss
  • Evaluate
  • Analyze

Essay questions would ask you to analyze arguments or specific topics through dissecting the essay topic. In simple terms, this essay word needs you to break the subject into basic elements.

  • Analyze

Once you split the essay subject into modules, it asks you to evaluate each section. Use supportive debates and evidence for or against your arguments, and understand how each part connects with the other. What does this evidence imply? Use this to develop a stance for your essay or thesis. It’s better not to narrate the debates in essay writing. State your arguments with the deductions that helped you to make decisions.

  • Evaluate

The way you can tackle these question words is to provide ample evidence that speaks in favor of your claims. Be mindful to balance your arguments by criticizing or supporting alternative perspectives. It is imperative data instead of both edges of the verdict, using facts sourced from scholarly articles. State your position using supportive data, and explain what led you to arrive at this position.

  • Justify

It asks you to explain the basis of arguments and provide evidence that made your viewpoint. You need to answer queries by providing pieces of evidence that would convince the reader to approve your opinion. It would help you to furnish proper evidence, and demonstrate familiarity with the essay topic.

It requires you to make a critical assessment of the subject matter. You may need to explain why other arguments aren’t applicable, and why your argument is acceptable.

  • Review

Review responses aren’t entirely descriptive, but it requires you to demonstrate your analytical skills. It needs you to analyze your shreds of evidence and arguments, rather than regurgitating the works of other authors.

  • Assess

With assessment question words, you need to make informative summaries of the weaknesses, strengths of a claim, argument, or subject matter. Assess question words that emphasize views related to the subject matter, instead of your own opinion.

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Descriptive question words

Question words demand a descriptive approach is as follows:

  • Define
  • Explain
  • Explore

Here we are going to broadly describe all the descriptive question words which we used to see whenever you answer essay questions

  • Define

Define question word requires you to outline the precise meaning of your subject matter. If your subject matter is a contexted one, you should mention why you need to explain why you preferred one word meaning over others.

  • Explain

With explain phrase, you ought to clarify your subject matter. It helps to consider that you’re narrating the story to someone who knows nothing about the topic. Keep in mind to provide as much info as possible, and define jargon keywords as and when needed.

  • Explore

As the name suggests, explorative questions require you to adopt an integrative approach when answering such questions. These questions have explorative nature that mandates you to provide an overview of the viewpoints, before providing your arguments.


When writing your essay, figure out what does the essay question means and what exactly is it asking you to do? Read the question a couple of times, and consider its underlying assumptions. Highlight the fundamental catchphrases. Make a basic outline of the essay question, and don’t make it elaborative. Check for inconsistencies and grammatical errors at the end.

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Hope you completely understood the above article which is based on Analyze, Explain and Evaluate Answers essay question.

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