How to Critique a Research Article

July 9, 2021 | George Orwell | 1555 views

This Blog discusses how to critiquing research articles. Research articles are written by writers with academic interests in consideration. Such articles are published if they contain facts that justify the research and are rejected if there are negative findings.

To review a research paper the reviewer needs to have good knowledge of the subject matter of research. If the reviewers don’t have good knowledge on the subject matter of the research then there arises bias and conflicts of interests.

Therefore, it is recommended that writers should do their critical analysis of a research paper or an article. While doing the critical analysis the writer considers the value of the research work to the researcher himself as well as to the workplace. This blog discusses the definition of critical evaluation and also discusses how such type of evaluation is performed.

What is critical evaluation?

Critical evaluation is a method by which a research work can be evaluated and it can be judged whether the research work is true or false. This blog highlights the different ways to do a critical evaluation of research papers.

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How to Critique a Research Paper: Step-by-step

Critical evaluation of research work or an article becomes difficult if you are not sure about where to start. For an article or a research work with a particular title of research or title of study the following are the steps that you require following to do the critical evaluation.

Step 1- Title of Research

While writing a research work or an article it is important to make sure that the title of research matches with or is relevant to the content of the research. The title of the research work should be such that it can stimulate the interests of the readers reading the research work.

Step 2- Usage of keywords

While writing the research paper the writer requires using as many as three sex keywords based on the topics of research that are used. The keywords should be distributed in a manner so that there is no overuse of keywords and the entire research paper is very SEO friendly. There should not be keyword congestion which is known as a bad practice while writing research papers.

Step 3- Introduction

Critiquing a research article includes the following:-

  • There should be a literature review that is relevant and very much recent. This literature review must praise other research works instead of merely describing them.
  • There should be adequate background information based on the subject matter of the research.
  • The researcher must also write about the objectives of doing the research. The writer must also include a hypothesis on the requirement.
  • The literature review of the research work must include contents that justify the requirement of the research work.

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Step 4 -What are the materials that are used for critiquing research articles?

This section of the blog highlights the various materials that are used for critiquing research articles. The research paper must contain as also justify the specifications of the criteria for selections and it must contain response rate, sample size, other statistics that are used. By using the materials the researcher can demonstrate how the research work can attain the objectives.

The researcher requires considering the following things while critiquing the research articles:-

  • The size that was utilized and the sampling technique that was utilized
  • The participation as a proportion of the eligible sample
  • An understanding of whether the eligible groups were sampled
  • The weaknesses and strengths of the research work
  • If there are any threats to study validity and reliability
  • The presence of biases in the entire research work
  • An understanding of whether a trial was conducted and was it case-controlled, randomized, blinded.

Step 5- Results

The results after critiquing the research articles should be presented and analyzed in a manner so that the readers can comprehend. There should be clarity in the presentation of the tables and graphs.

As a researcher, you need to consider if there are any omissions in the results as that would imply that there is a bias. The researcher also requires to consider whether percentages were used to hide small sample sizes. The researchers also need to consider whether the data that is generated is relevant to the data that have been collected.

Step 6 – Discussions

The discussions that are a part of critiquing the research articles are important as it provides useful insights on the significance and meaning of the research findings. The discussions must not make an introduction of new materials that are used for research but it should cater to how the objectives of the research have been met.

The discussions on research work must use previous research works as well as theoretical concepts. If there are any limitations of research that include bias in researches then they should be properly presented. As a critique of the research paper, you are required to assess whether the author has lucidly interpreted the results of the study.

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