How To Find Good Sources For A Research Paper

July 13, 2021 | George Orwell | 1505 views

This is an article describing how to find good sources for a research paper. But before that, it discusses the different types of research paper sources. There are mainly three types of sources for research papers used for academic writing purposes.

There is the primary source of research paper and these include poems, surveys, diaries, court case records, interviews, research paper journals. Then there are secondary sources of research papers. These contain descriptions of primary sources of research papers and they include books, articles, they contain interpretations or reviews of other sources like dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias.

There are tertiary sources and they help to detect and organize primary as well as secondary materials. The tertiary resources can be abstracts, they can be indexes and they can be databases. If you are an academic research writer then you can find this write-up useful as it gives you information about how to find credible sources for your research paper.

What are the ways of searching for proper sources for a research paper?

This section of the blog helps the readers to know about the various tips for finding credible sources for your research paper.

Identify the topic of research

If you are writing an academic write-up then you need to mention the topic of research. Understanding the topic of research can help you in your search for credible sources for research papers. It is good for you to choose a topic for research that is extensive, make sure that you do not waste in doing research. The sources of research require being very much relevant to the topic of research.

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Know what to do with the topic of research

As an academic research writer, you need to know the purpose of your work. In this context, it is important to understand that there are multiple types of projects for researches. Each of such projects is associated with a purpose and the academic research writer needs to keep this thing in consideration. If you keep the purpose of work in consideration then it will help you to search for the most relevant and appropriate research materials.

Build a list of important concepts

While writing a research paper you must build a list of important concepts. You also need to know the keywords that you can use for writing the research paper. The keywords should be relevant to the topic of the research. You can search research materials based on the concepts, keywords. The internet will help you to collect the relevant materials that you require for your research paper.

Visit the library

Want to write a good research write-up then you require information relevant to the topic of research. Where can you get such information? A well-known source to procure such information is the library though you can obtain plenty of information from the web. In the library, you can very easily obtain a large number of books on the subject that you are writing. As a research writer, you can obtain plenty of valid and relevant data from library books.

 Make notes

It is always advised that you prepare notes using the library books that you refer to while writing your research paper on any given subject. Though people may find the making of notes a difficult task it is the ideal thing that the academic research writer can do before starting to write.

Know the different information types that you can use in writing your paper

There can be various sources of information that you can use in your research paper. If you are only giving valid facts then it makes the research write-up uninteresting. In this context, it is important to know that there are internet and library books that can provide you with quality information (valid facts) that you can use in your research work. However, it is always recommended that you utilize documentary films, data related to statistics, images, videos, interviews, relevant examples from literature as well as history while writing the research paper.

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Do online research

There is a library that is full of books that you can use to search for data for doing research work. However, if you do not get the data of your choice from the library then you can look for the same online. The internet is full of data that you require for academic research. While using the data that you get from the internet forget not to check the credibility of the data.

Organize and analyze the collected data

As soon as you are done with locating the sources of data for your research work you can start reviewing the data that you have collected. You also need to analyze the data and after you have done with the analysis you require organizing the data.

Commence with writing

After you have organized the valid facts you can commence with the writing that is required for the academic research work. During writing, if it is required for you to visit the library collect references then do it. If you require help with your research work then you need to ask for help from appropriate academic assignment writing agencies.

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You hopefully understood that what are the good sources for a research paper, and now it will be much easier for you to write a research paper.

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