Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics for UK College Students

September 19, 2023 | George Orwell | 2681 views

Digital marketing is one of the trending concepts for the last couple of years. The field is creative and lets you explore its innovative sides. Besides that, it is reasonable, offers flexibility, and acts as a reliable platform to reach a targeted audience.

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Therefore many of you might be looking for digital marketing dissertation topics. To help you with dissertation writing, we have provided a list of those conscripted below. Our expert writers did thorough research on this topic and presented it in a meaningful way. Even can research on further topics related to digital marketing

Dissertation topics suggestions in digital marketing for MBA

UK students pursuing management has to complete various dissertation papers to enhance their project score. So you can take ideas from the dissertation topic suggestion we prepared for you. 

  • How smart evinces are helping companies to increase sales?
  • Can social media impact consumer behaviour? If so how?
  • Why are pop up advertisements important? 
  • How the internet is playing a key role in identifying the heavier of consumer
  • How influencers are changing the scenario of online marketing?
  • What is the best way to maximize the ratio of the rate?
  • How automated service interaction is affecting small and big companies?
  • How the psychology of the customer is impacting digital marketing?
  • Some of the common blunders with email marketing?
  • How marketing is affected by landing pages? What needs to be included and what needs to be rejected?

Sample Dissertation topic on social media marketing 

Social media offered a revolutionized platform for brands to interact with customers. Understanding its impact on the psychology of the consumer needs detailed study. So UK students who are looking for dissertation topic ideas on social media marketing can take help from the sample we prepared below. 

  • How are political views affected by social media 
  • Why is social media playing a greater role in enhancing the sales of a company?
  • How does teenager gets influenced by social media?
  • Importance of conversions and Facebook video ads
  • How companies are benefitting from social media?
  • How are brands increasing in popularity with the help of social media?
  • What is the future of social media and its effect on communication
  • How is social media impacting traditional media?
  • How google ads influence the purchasing decision of buyers 
  • How does social media affect the flow of sales in the UK

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Online marketing dissertation topics list for PhD students 

We have created a thorough list of dissertation topics for UK marketing scholars. Hope these topics will help you in writing marketing assignments including a dissertation to have your objectives, reviews, and analysis. So check out the sample topics below 

  • Study on evaluating the belief of marketers on online marketing to draw customers 
  • Shifting from traditional marketing to line marketing to increase sales 
  • Pros and cons of online marketing
  • The effect of search engine optimization for enhancing sales 
  • The benefits of big data in the sector such as healthcare.
  • Articulation of ratings and reviews on the social media platform to accentuate customers.
  • Small and medium companies and their budget constraints to promote the sale on social media platforms. 
  • Why do companies still prefer traditional marketing compared to digital marketing?
  • Significance of video marketing as the best online marketing strategy

E-marketing for British scholars digital marketing 

E-Marketing is one of the fields offering lots of prospective and competitive benefits to job seekers. So UK students should comprehend its importance and take hints for the dissertation topics summed up below. 

  • Influence of email marketing on the economic development of UK
  • Effect of e-marketing on the behavior and psychology of customers 
  • Factors that impact the buying decision of consumers 
  • Increase sales with Black Friday strategy of sales 
  • Role of email marketing to enhance the sale
  • Case study on Effect of social media on buyers of UK
  • The strategy of doing customer-oriented email marketing to gain an advantage
  • Comparison between the digital and traditional marketing for the last ten years
  • Effect of relationship marketing on the loyalty of the customer 

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Suggested Digital marketing Dissertation topic for master thesis 

Your MBA will help you step up in your career. It will open the locked doors towards various opportunities. So you need to choose proper dissertation topics for management assignment writing to add value to your thesis. 

  • What are the ways that management should react to boycotts?
  • What is the difference between offline and online good prices?
  • How accomplished branding can increase customer loyalty?
  • Can large brands occupy the market with poor quality products?
  • What is the reaction of customers during recession periods?
  • How age and gender affect business?
  • Effect of the credit card on spending and retail marketing?
  • How Ponzi schemes work and their effect on the economy?
  • How successful it is to have word of mouth?

By understanding digital marketing you get the chance to explore the digital world at length. We know that there are UK students who are preparing for a dissertation are eager to write at their best. So not to worry as we will give you a detailed breakdown of the sample researched trending topics on digital marketing. So take a tour of the topics at once 

  •  Understanding the upcoming trends that are reshaping the world of digital marketing. 
  • Comprehending the importance of automation on marketing domains 
  • How do customers influence the present trend of digital marketing?
  • Case study on how the social videos are accentuating in the digital marketing field?
  • What is the importance of personalization in regards to digital marketing?
  • Factors that help to reshape digital marketing and affect the customer-brand relationship.
  • How the increase of social media sites is impacting the digital marketing strategies. 
  • How a change in the behavior of customers is impacting digital marketing? 
  • Explain the extent at which customer is impacting the trend of digital marketing 

Influencer marketing latest dissertation topic for UK students 

Influencer marketing is an effective way to campaign for any brand. It helps the company earn the confidence of customers. So UK students should give importance to this topic and follow the dissertation topic ideas that we have enlisted below. 

  • How influencer marketing affect the economy? Both pros and cons
  • Understanding influencer marketing from the perspective of a brand.
  • Why Instagram is chosen as the best platform for influencer marketing?
  • How to find the befitting influencer?
  • Why does a particular brand need to rely on influencer marketing?
  • How should you gauge the success obtained from influencer marketing campaigns?
  • What is the basic difference between the ethical and nonethical forms of influencer marketing?
  • What is the importance of using influencer marketing as a marketing method?
  • What are the four M’s of influencer marketing?
  • What are the steps to follow to creating influencer marketing on Instagram?

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