MD7123 Clinical Research Methods & Biostatistics Assignment Sample UK

MD7123 Clinical Research Methods & Biostatistics is a course of study designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in clinical research studies. This course of study will explore statistical and epidemiological principles, methods, and applications used in the design and analysis of clinical trials for varied therapeutic and diagnostic interventions.

Through lectures, course materials, and practical experience using software, students will gain an understanding of the processes used in planning, organizing, conducting, monitoring, and controlling clinical research studies. Furthermore, this course will offer hands-on guidance on the application of biostatistical methods for hypothesis testing central to designing reliable clinical investigations.

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In the following section, we will examine various assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Provide evidence of having systematically applied a range of research-relevant information retrieval systems.

My academic and professional career has been characterized by a systematic application of various information retrieval systems during my research activities. In one notable example, I used the LexisNexis database to formulate hypotheses while conducting an exploratory study of software engineering trends. Initially focusing on keyword searching within multiple industries, my methodology eventually expanded to uncovering patterns in how companies marketed their products, with the goal of discovering what features best positioned them ahead of their competition.

As part of this process, I engaged database filtering capabilities to target topics related to my research objectives, allowing me to hone in on relevant sources for understanding a broader topic in the software industry. My experience with LexisNexis continues to serve me well as I leverage other specialized sources when engaging in primary or secondary research activities.

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Assignment Brief 2: Prepare a research proposal (including a review of research literature, a statement of protocols, and consideration of ethical matters).

Research proposals are significant documents that can provide a gateway to success for a research project. Creating an effective proposal, it must include a clear review of available research literature, protocols designed to meet the specified objectives, and careful consideration of any ethical matters. It is important to consider potential ethical concerns from the outset of the process in order to anticipate and mitigate any potential issues.

Furthermore, effective research proposals must be tailored specifically to the topic at hand, taking into account the literature associated with the subject matter and identifying opportunities or gaps in understanding or knowledge. Writing an effective research proposal is critical for the successful implementation and completion of any research project.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate a systematic understanding of current literature and of research methods in order to identify areas for investigation and develop a feasible, level 7 research study.

Knowledge of current literature and research methods is crucial for devising a suitable research study. While identifying areas of investigation, it is important to stay abreast of the latest developments to ensure that the study captures the most relevant information. By conducting systematic reviews or meta-analyses, practitioners can gain insight into what works in practice and could make use of a formalized framework such as PICO (Patient/Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome) to aid the literature search process. If properly employed, such methods will lead to a comprehensive review and help inform areas for further investigation through a level 7 research study.

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Assignment Brief 4: Select and justify appropriate statistical tests for particular types of data and research designs.

Selecting the appropriate statistical test for a given data set and research design is essential for accurately interpreting and presenting the findings of a study. It is essential to consider both the type of data being analyzed and the research design when determining which statistical test to apply. For instance, parametric tests such as t-tests or ANOVAs may be more suitable when dealing with interval or ratio level data collected from an experiment, while nonparametric tests such as Chi-square tests are likely more appropriate in cases where ordinal data has been collected from quasi-experiments or observational designs.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that any assumptions underlying a statistical test are met before applying it, with violations having potentially serious implications for finding reliable results. Ultimately, selecting and justifying appropriate statistical tests is key to ensuring that sound interpretations and conclusions can be made from data in any research context.

Assignment Brief 5: Interpret and report statistical analyses output in a concise and appropriate scientific manner.

Interpreting and reporting statistical analyses output is an important skill for any scientist or researcher. Reporting statistical analysis results requires a clear understanding of the methods that were used to create the data, as well as a thorough interpretation and analysis of the output itself. By adequately analyzing and interpreting these results, scientists are then able to effectively determine what the output of their study means in terms of its implications for their research.

This understanding is paramount in publishing accurate findings and natural conclusions in scientific reports, enabling other researchers to comprehend and trust the research’s operational processes. As such, it is critical for any scientist or researcher to be able to interpret and report statistical analyses outputs accurately, succinctly, and in an appropriate scientific manner.

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