DD313 International Relations: Continuity And Change In Global Politics Assignment Sample UK

DD313 International Relations: Continuity And Change In Global Politics is a course that provides students with the unique opportunity to explore the ever-evolving world of global politics. Whether you believe in the power of nations and institutions, or prefer to focus on complex regional conflicts and individual countries, this course has something for everyone.

You can explore key issues such as international law and human rights, or learn more about the effects of globalization on cultures, identities, and societies. Drawing from both traditional and alternative sources, DD313 will promote an understanding of how continuity and change in international relations affect us all. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of today’s international political arena.

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This document outlines some of the assignment briefs available. They are as follows:

Assignment brief 1: Develop your understanding of the changing relations between nation-states in the international system and the wider political, economic, and social changes affecting international relations.

Analyzing the changing relations between nation-states and the various aspects affecting international relations can be a daunting task. It involves a combination of strategies like understanding macro-level phenomena such as contemporary forces of globalization, as well as micro-level elements like the specific identities, interests, and actions of people within each state. Additionally, it requires taking into consideration the innumerable cultural, political, economic, and environmental factors that shape global interactions at all scales. Despite these complex variables, seeking to understand this evolving landscape is essential for grasping how foreign affairs – and by extension, our own lives – are being deeply altered in today’s interconnected world.

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Assignment brief 2: Be able to analyze the prospects for cooperation and conflict and the sources of order and disorder in the international system.

Analyzing the prospects for cooperation and conflict, as well as sources of order and disorder in the international system, is an essential part of understanding the complexities of global interactions. In essence, these factors draw on a range of ideas including the interdependence of states, power dynamics, institutional structures, shared interests or values, and ultimately the conditions necessary to maintain those orders.

The purpose of such analysis is to identify patterns, similarities, and differences between different actors in the global milieu. This can help leaders make informed decisions about how to interact with one another in order to ensure peace and stability around the world. Ultimately, understanding all these components is key to building effective international cooperation that leads to sustainable solutions for pressing geopolitical issues.

Assignment Brief 3: Develop your skills as a critical, independent learner and writer.

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