CIPD Level 3DES Assignment Example: Designing Learning and Development Activities

Learners of the Level 3 L&D CIPD course get an understanding of designing the learning and development activities. The unit targets the development of the knowledge and skills of the learning activities. The learners develop an understanding of the practices and methods of the L&D activities incorporated within the organization. The learning activities employed aim to know learners differences to achieve meaningful objectives. This module will help the learners to gain insight into the various L&D activities and their methods for employees with the consideration of the various issues that support the L&D objectives.

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The learning outcomes of 3DES unit of CIPD L&D Level 3 course mentioned below:

  • Understand the factors that impact the designing of L&D activities
  • Learn the adult learning principles that inform the design of L&D activities
  • Identify the factors to know about learners in order to design relevant L&D activity
  • Learn how to convert information into objectives
  • Understand the learning/training methods and their suitability for different learning objectives

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Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 3DES Activity 1: Factors informing the design of L&D activities

There are factors that are considered that should be considered in designing the learning and development activities. The factors can be legislative factors and organizational factors. Legislative factors that affect the design of the L&D activities include the rules and laws for the health and safety of the employees, data protection laws, the laws for assisting the skills of the employees and welfare issues. However, organizational factors include the L&D policies, practices and procedures incorporated within the organization or a company. It also includes the development of unique organizational culture and structure which have a great impact on the organizational functions and objectives. With all the factors, learners of the CIPD Level 3 L&D course have to ensure to get the proper understanding of the factors that influence the complexity of the organization while providing the L&D opportunities to employees.

Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 3DES Activity 2: Adult Learning theories

This unit includes various adult learning theories which help in designing the learning and development activities. The learners should have a deep understanding of each theory to analyse the differences in the learning of the employees. Some of the learning theories of the adult are explained in this module such as Bloom’s taxonomy, Kolb’s learning theory, Gardner theory and so on. These theories provide insight into the learner’s experience which further influence the decision-making process of the learners on learning activities. To ensure that decisions taken are right, learners have to learn these theories.

Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 3DES Activity 3: Learner’s factors that influence designing of learning activities

L&D practitioners should consider some of the factors before designing the L&D activities include the learning needs according to the professional map. These related to the behaviour, knowledge and professional areas of the learners. Also, employee skills should be one of the factors that have to be evaluated. Other factors include preferences of learning and the logistics of the learners to ensure they represented the learning activities goes for a successful L&D objective.

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Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 3DES Activity 4: Planning objectives for L&D activities

In order to plan the L&D activities, the L&D practitioners need to ensure that they have stated the clear learning objectives which aim to achieve the development of the learning objective. In this chapter or learning outcome, the learners get to learn how to convert information into objectives. In order to learn that, learners have to involve in the designing of the L&D activities before, after and during the training of the employees.

Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 3DES Activity 5: Learning methods in designing L&D activities

There are many learning methods available in promoting the learning of the employees. The unit provides a well-detailed explanation of the learning methods. Some of the learning methods include off the job and on the job learning, the external classes attended by the learners to enhance learning, distance learning, video conferencing and much more. All the methods support the learning needs of the employees by making a good platform for learning. The learners have to first understand the learning needs of an individual before designing the learning activities. Thus, this unit gives the knowledge of the different methods that they should consider towards ensuring the significance of the learning in L&D practices.

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