BU7412 International Business Assignment Sample UK

Taking the BU7412 International Business course would open up a world of opportunity. Comprehending the complexities and nuances of global business can be intimidating, yet this course offers many benefits in transforming individuals into effective global thinkers.

Through exploring research-based theories and best practices, students will learn to differentiate between cultures and identify solutions as businesses expand markets across international borders. In addition, the class provides practical applications of negotiation skills, contract law, and legal issues pertinent to businesses operating in an international context. It is an informative course that no student should miss out on!

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Here, let us walk you through some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the environmental aspects of international business on a variety of contexts, including socio-cultural, political, financial and economic.

Environmental aspects of international business can have a great deal of influence over the success and sustainability of corporations, both large and small. The economic and social impacts of environmentally friendly practices need to be taken into consideration when engaging in international business activities, since companies may not only face legal repercussions but also risk severe financial losses due to lost customers if they are perceived as not taking environmental issues seriously.

To ensure the best overall outcome for their company, businesses must consider more than just the potential profit margins when operating in global markets; they must also consider how their actions will affect the socio-cultural, political, financial and economic implications as well. This is increasingly becoming important on both local and global levels with growing pressure from stakeholders who demand that operations abide by all regulations that help protect the environment.

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Assignment Task 2: Assess the impact of globalization on the operation and development of multi-national enterprises.

Globalization has had a profound effect on the operations and development of multi-national enterprises, allowing them to access global markets and capitalize on increased efficiency in production and distribution. As commercial activities have crossed boundaries, once-isolated companies have become more interconnected with other organizations around the world. Consequently, multi-national enterprises have experienced competitive advantages from taking advantage of innovative technologies, cost-effective labor, preferential trade agreements, and access to talent and resources that were not available previously.

By expanding their international presence beyond their home countries’ borders, multi-national enterprises have positioned themselves for greater success in sectors previously closed off to them due to geographic limitations. Although challenges still exist as an inherent part of any business, globalization has transformed the way many companies do business by opening up new opportunities for growth within existing markets or establishing footholds within new ones.

Assignment Task 3: Recognise and apply different strategic theories and practices in an international context.

To effectively manage international operations in a globalized environment, organizations need to understand how to recognize and apply strategic theories and practices in their business model. To do this, they need to identify the context of their international operations including the competitive landscape, target market segmentation and any regulatory or policy considerations that may have an impact on the desired outcomes.

Additionally, performing an analysis of the current competitive landscape can provide further insight into potential markets and opportunities for expansion. With these insights, organizations can then design and implement appropriate strategies based on relevant worldwide trends which can be adapted to suit those geographical markets’ specific requirements. Utilizing these strategies ensures that the organization approaches a complex international setting with preparedness, enabling it to achieve maximum success in achieving its operations goals.

Assignment Task 4: Discuss the differences in expectations and purposes inherent in doing business in foreign countries.

Doing business in foreign countries brings about a number of differences in expectations and purposes, which can result in conflict if not addressed appropriately. Firstly, the political and economic landscape of each country will have its own unique set of considerations due to varying regulations, taxation laws and cultural norms. Additionally, there may be differences in language or communication styles that need to be addressed in order to ensure successful communication and collaboration.

Moreover, differences in social expectations can also affect how business is conducted in foreign countries. For instance, customers with cultural backgrounds may have different values or standards for quality, customer service or product delivery times compared to those of other markets. Businesses must be aware of these differences and strive to meet or exceed the expectations of their target customers to ensure a successful international venture. By taking these considerations into account, businesses can effectively manage expectations and purposes in foreign countries, ensuring that operations are both profitable and ethically sound.

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