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Taking BU7039 Understanding and Managing People course is an opportunity for students to understand the intricacies of people management in the field of business. It gives them an insight into what factors to take into account when managing people, as well as how different policies, procedures, and approaches will impact these people. This course also provides valuable advice on how best to motivate people, deal with difficult situations, and foster a positive workplace environment. With this knowledge, students can become more effective workplace leaders and develop their ability to lead teams and organizations with success.

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In this section, we will identify specific assignment activities. Here are the activities in question:

Assignment Activity 1: Organisational behavior/culture, structure, and design.

An organization’s culture, structure, and design all play key roles in determining its success, both internally and externally. Understanding the core values of an organization and how it functions is essential for developing an effective environment that can yield maximum productivity. Effective organizational design involves taking into consideration a wide range of internal operations along with external factors such as customer expectations and market trends.

A well-designed organizational structure defines tasks, responsibilities and reporting relationships that promote efficiency within the organization, allowing room for growth with scalability. Ultimately, when organizations develop healthy cultures built on trust, transparency and open communication between members, they give themselves the best chance to create engaging environments where employees feel valued and motivated to succeed.

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Assignment Activity 2: The role of the manager, leadership theories, styles and approaches.

The role of a manager is pivotal in the success of any team or organization. Taking on the responsibility to lead and inspire members of an organization requires adeptness in various approaches and styles; ranging from informal methods such as company culture building to formal methods such as corporate change management. It is also important for managers to understand different leadership theories so that they can adapt according to their team’s needs and goals.

Making sure employees are equipped with the necessary information, skills and motivation will help the team reach their objectives efficiently; the manager should strive for this balance with the most effective strategies that suit both individual collective purposes. Ultimately, each leader has to develop their own style and approach that fits within the greater context of their role and organization.

Assignment Activity 3: Groups and teams in the organization – group formation, team working.

Groups and teams are essential components of any successful organization. Group formation in an organizational setting involves the creation of a unit with a common purpose and set of goals that binds people together. It is important for groups to be composed of individuals who possess complementary skills and expertise, as this enables them to achieve greater success in a shorter amount of time.

Once created, it is essential for groups to establish effective systems of communication among its members, as this allows ideas to be shared, debated, and improved. Teamworking ensures that all members are accountable for their actions and encourages cooperation in pursuit of collective goals. A group or team where all members feel appreciated and engaged will no doubt bring the best results that can propel an organization to greater heights.

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Assignment Activity 4: Individual personality, communication and motivation.

A person’s individual personality, communication style, and level of motivation are three elements that come together to form a unique and powerful force. It is the combination of these three qualities that affects how people interact with their peers, employers, and colleagues in the workforce today.

Successful communication skills allow individuals to demonstrate their personal strengths while being persuasive and persuasive yet flexible in interactions. In addition, finding ways to motivate oneself can bring out creativity and drive that can be channeled into productive tasks. Ultimately, understanding individual personality, communicating effectively, and motivating oneself are keys to success for any professional setting.

Assignment Activity 5: The role of Human Resource Management in the workplace.

Human Resource Management plays an integral role in the modern workplace. It is responsible for facilitating the hiring and onboarding process, handling employee performance management and disciplinary actions, ensuring legal compliance with state and federal regulations such as minimum wage laws and anti-discrimination laws, promoting a positive corporate culture, fostering team development through training initiatives, and managing compensation plans.

A successful Human Resources program helps to ensure positive employee relations, morale, and engagement, which drives business productivity and efficiency. In addition to its many core functions, HRM acts as a proactive thought leader in strategic direction setting for the organization’s future success. To this end, it develops talent pipelines and recruits top prospects who fit into the unique needs of an organization’s culture. An effective Human Resources department contributes significantly to organizational growth by creating better workplace policies and championing best practices.

Assignment Activity 6: Strategies for high-performance working (HPW).

High-Performance Working (HPW) techniques can help an organization become more efficient and productive. These strategies focus on creating a culture of high performance by encouraging collaboration and transparency, as well as leveraging the skills and strengths of each employee to maximize results. HPW encourages project teams to define clear goals, seek feedback from all stakeholders, leverage technology where appropriate, hold themselves accountable for achieving outcomes, and continuously consider opportunities for growth and improvement. At their core, HPW strategies embody the idea that highly engaged employees are integral to the success of an organization or project and should be supported through mindful leadership practices that promote individual learning and development.

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Assignment Activity 7: Employee relations and employment dynamics.

Strong employee relations are key to a successful organizational culture. Employers must strive to cultivate an environment in which employees feel respected, appreciated, and supported. To do so, employers should solicit input from workers on the rules, regulations, techniques, and technologies used within the workplace.

Additionally, they should provide a variety of development opportunities and rewards to recognize employee achievement. By creating effective hierarchies among management and encouraging effective communication among all levels of personnel, relationships between employers and employees can be greatly improved to drive better overall performance from the organization as well as increased job satisfaction from its employees.

Assignment Activity 8: Performance Management and managing poor performance.

Performance management is an important process that helps organizations achieve their goals and objectives by setting clear expectations amongst employees, focusing on training and development, and rating performance. It’s essential to have a system in place that allows managers to notice and address poor performance where it exists. This can be done through regular check-ins focusing on what employees need to do differently or better in order to meet expectations.

By having honest conversations about progress and performance, employers can identify opportunities for growth and demonstrate their commitment to helping employees reach their full potential. Poor performance needs to be managed carefully so that it does not become endemic, but rather is addressed with timely interventions as appropriate, helping ensure the organization remains successful.

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Assignment Activity 9: Learning and development methodologies.

Learning and development methodologies are an important part of any organizational setting. In order for employees to be able to effectively do their jobs, it is essential for companies to have appropriate strategies in place. This can include anything from providing engaging online training modules to ensuring that staff members are kept up to date on relevant industry knowledge through workshops and seminars. Investing time in designing these methodologies is a powerful way to create sustainable workplace cultures that empower individuals and drive growth within the organization.

Assignment Activity 10: Theories and application of reflective practice.

Reflection is a key element in the acquisition of knowledge, and reflective practice is becoming increasingly popular due to its capacity to promote deep understanding and self-awareness. From psychological theory informing how we process experiences, to implementation strategies during healthcare training and beyond, the theories and applications of reflective practice are varied and widespread. In educational contexts reflection typically focuses on what has been learned, an individual’s progress or understanding, insights gleaned from experience, or thoughts about the way forward.

In any context, meaningful reflection requires sufficient time for individuals to pause, observe, reflect on their experiences, and draw meaningful connections with prior knowledge. Utilizing methods such as journaling can encourage self-reflection and foster meaningful learning opportunities. With proper application reflective practices can be deeply beneficial for individuals both in personal growth as well as professional development fields.

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