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The BU7030 Managing Innovation course is a must-have for anyone wanting to understand innovation management on a deeper level. From defining the concept of innovation projects to having the skill set to drive innovation in an organization, this course touches upon all the dimensions of the innovation process.

The course covers many aspects relevant to the role of an innovation leader – from creating the right culture and environment through effective collaborations, understanding how such diversity impacts the ultimate goal of successful products in markets, and inspiring creatives to go beyond traditional production methods. With renowned industry experts speaking directly at our online sessions, it’s truly a unique opportunity for professional development and career growth.

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Within this section, we will provide you with some assignment tasks. These assignments are as follows:

Assignment Task 1: Critically assess theory from the area of innovation management towards application in the workplace.

Theory in the area of innovation management can provide a meaningful and effective guidelines for those working in a professional environment. It is important to critically assess and apply these theoretical elements to corporate contexts, keeping their limitations in mind. For example, understanding what kind of support structure employees need and how to create an environment that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can help managers properly foster innovative solutions. By utilizing the research in this field, staff within companies can experience an improved level of engagement and satisfaction while also enabling them to generate revolutionary ideas.

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Assignment Task 2: Analyse contexts and processes of innovation management and determine critical elements impacting an organization.

Innovation management is a critical factor in the success of any organization. It requires an understanding of the context, including stakeholders and other relevant actors, and how processes can be shaped to create value, as well as how resources such as technology, ideas, and knowledge are managed. In order to succeed in innovation management initiatives, it is vital to consider elements such as the level of risk taken on by an organization, their motivation for change, resource availability, development processes, organizational culture and capabilities. Taking into account these facets of innovation management can dramatically impact the chances for successful outcomes for any organization.

Assignment Task 3: Propose and justify the application of approaches for managing innovation within organizations to bring about performance improvement. 

Managing innovation within organizations is essential to bring about performance improvement. By adopting an agile approach and taking a multidisciplinary overview of the whole organization, operational processes can be streamlined, technology can be leveraged for the best effect, and organizational silos can be broken down to ensure all departments are working together as one team towards a common goal. Having a portfolio approach also enables innovative performance improvement initiatives to be realized simultaneously on key business objectives. 

Additionally, incorporating current best practices in areas such as design thinking and minimum viable product development allows new ideas and projects to move quickly through the gauntlet of corporate bureaucracy while maximizing their potential impact on growth and bottom-line outcomes. Ultimately, striking the right balance between managing innovation, investing in initiatives geared toward improvement, and facilitating collaboration across multiple teams will help organizations achieve remarkable performance improvements in this increasingly competitive world.

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