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The BU7002 Management Research Method course is an important part of enhancing one’s overall management skills. It focuses on laying the foundations with regards to research design and inquiry process, thus helping students to develop core competency and gain knowledge in terms of understanding concepts applicable within managing research projects that require both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

The course further emphasizes analysis, assessment and evaluation functions related to the result of such research studies. With its clinical approach tailored towards developing competent managers capable of using evidence-based practice, this course serves as the keystone which helps students apply essential theoretical elements in their future managerial tasks.

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In this section, let’s explore some tasks associated with the assignment. Here are a few examples:

Assignment Activity 1: To understand the nature of management knowledge and research through an appreciation of various research philosophical orientations.

The appreciation of various research philosophical orientations is paramount to understanding the nature of management knowledge and research. Different orientations allow us to critically evaluate management topics and form a comprehensive view of different theories and concepts.

As such, exploring these different approaches can lead to an even greater understanding of modern management thinking as well as enhance our ability to recognize existing trends in the field. As more knowledge and insights on management forms an integral part of any institution striving towards success, investigations on the philosophical perspectives around this area provide a valuable guide for making informed decisions.

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Assignment Activity 2: To identify and critically evaluate a range of research strategies and research designs.

Research strategies and research designs are important components when developing a comprehensive research plan. It is essential to properly identify and critically evaluate a range of strategies and designs as they are central aspects of the research process. From quantitative methods like survey-based studies or economic models to qualitative approaches such as archival research or semi-structured interviews, having an understanding of different techniques and methodologies is paramount for executing evidence-based study plans.

Furthermore, through the practice of critical evaluation, one can decide which approach may be more appropriate for a certain research question and gain insight into methodological issues that could influence the design process, such as reliability, validity, generalizability, replicability and ethics. In sum, being well-versed in both identifying and evaluating a range of research strategies and designs is fundamental for developing sound academic inquiry.

Assignment Activity 3: To understand and evaluate management research designs and methods for the chosen research project.

When undertaking research projects, it is important to be familiar with management research designs and methods. There are various approaches employed in modern research, and each has its unique advantages and challenges. It is essential that the researcher chooses the right design to suit their particular project, as this will greatly affect the quality of the results achieved. By understanding and evaluating these different management research designs and methods, one can make informed decisions when developing their research project plan. This allows for an effective study that produces reliable results.

Assignment Activity 4: To understand the ethical conduct of management research.

Conducting management research with ethical principles is essential to ensure reliable results and maintain the credibility of the research. The need for ethical management research has become increasingly pertinent in the current business context and should be taken seriously by all researchers. This means ensuring the safety of participants, understanding potential risks involved in conducting the research and using data responsibly.

As researchers, it is important to stay conversant with different codes of conduct from organizations such as the British Psychological Society or Association for Qualitative Inquiry among others to ensure that high standards are adhered to at all times. Most importantly, engaging in honest reflection will help researchers identify areas where their ethics may become compromised and take necessary steps to remain true to themselves and their goals.

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