BGXS002 The impact of storytelling in business Assignment Sample UK

BGXS002 The impact of storytelling in business is a module that examines how storytelling can be used to develop a more compelling and engaging brand for businesses. The module focuses on the different ways that stories are used to influence an audience, and looks at the techniques that can be used to craft effective stories. It will explore the role of emotions in communicating with customers, as well as the use of visualizations, metaphors, and other narrative techniques to get a message across.

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In this section, we are discussing some assigned tasks. These includes:

Assignment Task 1: Understand how storytelling is a fundamental part of social and working life.

Storytelling is a powerful tool in society, fostering connection, empathy and understanding between individuals. As humans, we naturally seek stories to comprehend our surroundings and shape our social identities. Stories provide us with a platform to express our thoughts and feelings, while also discovering the perspectives of others. Similarly, in the workplace, storytelling is practiced in each realm of business, facilitating team bonding and professional growth. Whether it be through public speeches or having open conversations around the office table, storytelling helps people create meaningful relationships essential to organizational success. Letting go of assumptions while listening to and engaging with other people’s ideas in order to carefully craft a narrative is an essential step for successful companies today.

Assignment Task 2: Explain what types of stories might be heard in a typical workplace and what purposes they might achieve.

In a typical workplace, one can hear a variety of stories that serve different purposes. For instance, people might share personal anecdotes to connect with each other or they might tell stories to explain their views on an issue or inspire others. Additionally, colleagues could also use storytelling to boost morale and problem-solve by discussing what went right or wrong in past projects. Additionally, storytelling can be used to help build trust and secure relationships between employees and employers or customers and companies. By sharing stories, individuals have the opportunity to explore different perspectives and develop a shared understanding of each other’s experience that helps build strong teams, foster collaboration, and shape business culture. Furthermore, stories can also be used to set the tone for projects, impart knowledge and wisdom to the company, and establish a sense of belongingness amongst all stakeholders. Thus, we can see that stories in the workplace serve multiple purposes to build connection, motivation, and understanding.

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Assignment Task 3: Have the confidence to communicate a definition of storytelling and its purposes for individuals and social and organisational groups.

Storytelling is the process of using narrative to communicate information, ideas, and feelings. It allows people to share their experiences, perspectives, and knowledge with others in an engaging way that fosters connection, understanding, and motivation. For individuals, storytelling can contribute to personal growth by providing insight into their identity and emotions. Storytelling can also be used to build relationships, gain trust from others, and help people view their experiences in a new light. For social groups and organizations, storytelling can be used to communicate messages about the company’s mission and values, create a shared understanding of culture and identity, foster collaboration among employees or customers, as well as drive innovation by collecting diverse ideas and insights. Through storytelling, individuals and groups can come together to create a meaningful narrative that helps build strong relationships between people. Ultimately, storytelling is an essential tool for connecting people and inspiring creativity.

Assignment Task 4: ​Outline different sorts of stories: oral and written, formal and informal.

Storytelling can take many forms, ranging from oral to written and formal to informal. Oral stories are those that are told verbally through conversation or public speaking. These stories often involve the use of sound, music, and body language to help convey the story’s message. Written stories may include biographies, fiction novels, essays, blogs, and even emails. Written stories are usually more structured and can be easier to follow and analyze. Formal stories are often used in corporate settings to communicate messages about mission, values, structure, or culture in a professional setting. On the other hand, informal stories may be shared amongst friends or family members with the purpose of connecting, entertaining, and inspiring. Thus, there are many different types of stories that can be used to communicate a variety of messages and evoke different emotions.​

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