3CO03 Core Behaviours for People Professionals CIPD Level 3 Assignment Examples

According to the new profession map of CIPD, the CIPD Level 3 learners are going to learn and understand about the core behaviours in people practice in module 3 of the Foundation course. The core values help the student to work on creating a strong foundation for effective decision making.

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Through building value for people, organizations, and society, the CIPD HR learner empowers with eight-core behaviors that can help them at the workplace. To be a Level 3 learner, it is essential to gain these core behaviors. The core behaviors are numbers of behavior, knowledge, and skills which on development ensure organization staff to conduct their roles in a way that can lead to better working practices and relationships.

The 8 core behaviours of people professional are:

  • Ethical practice
  • Professional courage and influence
  • Valuing people
  • Working inclusively
  • Commercial drive
  • Passion for learning
  • Insights focused
  • Situational decision-making

Here, we are going to discuss the sample questions to help learners create understanding learning and we also provide an assignment guide for learners. The answers to sample questions will not provide direct information. However, they will provide a good understanding of how to write and what to include in the answers so that CIPD students can achieve higher marks in the assignments. Since assignments are a major aspect of CIPD students, they will enhance knowledge in core behaviors to help you become effective people professionals in the messy world of work.

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Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 first outcome of module 3: Developing insight into different approaches to customer focus using ethical principles.

  1. What are ethical principles and how they can affect customers?

Defining ethical principles and discussing the importance of some basic principles of ethics is a good way to start this question. A brief idea of an organization ethics can help the learner to write an answer to this question. The HR learning student must have a good understanding of this core behaviour called ethical practice to give the right information on this question. The question also comprises other aspects and topics like how do ethical standards affect customer service, how does ethics contribute to customer satisfaction and just the importance of ethics to become more customer-focused.

The learner can also mention also these questions when answering this main question. Thus, the learning of ethical practice core behaviour is the necessary part of the academic assignments and exams of CIPD level 3 individual.

  1. What are the different approaches to customer focus services?

The leaner can approach this question by discussing different strategies to develop customer focus. Retention based customer strategy, detail-oriented support for customers and meeting them where they live are some of the strategies which can be included in this answer with examples of customer focus goals. In this way, a student can write an answer to this question in order to get high marks in the questions related to this.

  1. How to evaluate ethical values of an organization?

Learning Ethical values and principles at work are important for learners at CIPD Level 3. When answering this question, a student can start by mentioning the importance of ethical culture and values at the workplace and bring out some examples or facts of how can a company grow to follow their workplace values. There are ways to measure ethics in the workplace. Thus, the learner can also discuss those in the answer.

  1. Discuss the development of ethical values at your workplace?  

To comprehensively answer this question, the student should have in-depth learning of work ethical behaviors like follow company rules, effective communication, trust and respect for employees, accountability and responsibility, professionalism and more. The learner can also write the benefits of work ethics with the management of them in answering this question.

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Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 third outcome of module 3: Rectification of problems and issues as well as contributing views and opinions in a respectful and inclusive manner.

  1. How to fix issues at the workplace?

The HR learners should have an understanding of problem-solving skills at the workplace to answer this question correctly. The question comprises different aspects and can be written in different ways including the importance of problem-solving skills, steps to solve issues, mentioning the identification of problems, some best ways to deal with the problem in the organization, and how to address an issue in the organization.

  1. Discuss respectful manners to give opinions in an organization?

Learners can demonstrate this question answer by discussing the skills of giving opinions in an inclusive manner. Promoting the importance of respect in the workplace can also be included in this question. Also, methods to show mutual respect, demonstrate why respectful manner is significant and what are the advantages of inclusive manner and disadvantages of lack of respect at the workplace. All these points have to be mentioned and noticed in the answer to this question so that learners could show their understanding of valuing people’s core behavior.

Assignment Questions come from CIPD Level 3 fourth objective of module 3: Develop ways to recognize and accept your own mistakes and show empathy to others.

  1. Explain why it is important to accept your own mistakes and work on them?

This question can be asked in many different ways but students need not be confused to answer this question in the correct way. Answering this question can involve different views like what to do when mistakes happen at the workplace, how to admit own mistakes, how to overcome mistakes, and even how to find or recognize the mistakes. This question is raises one of the core behavior of the workplace called situational decision making. Thus, a student can learn about core values and understand the value of acknowledging the mistakes in order to improve them.

  1. How to show empathy to others at the workplace?

The question has greater value in developing the importance of empathy at work. The leaner can write the answer to the question by discussing the importance, advantages of empathy to colleagues and the disadvantages of not having empathy to others in the company. Steps to create empathy, ways to increase it, and practical examples of employed empathy in the organization should also be mentioned in the answer to give a better understanding of the question.

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  1. Discus about reflective practice?

Learners can demonstrate this question in writing the definition of reflective practice, stages of reflective practice, principles of reflective writing or practice. Reflective practice is basically to write about what has happened, how you behaved in that particular situation, what was the outcomes and what to improve in the future. Therefore, reflective practice can teach learners of CIPD level 3 how to reflect and improve the worst problems and issues faced by the workers and organization.

  1. How reflective practice can help in professional development?

Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance of an organization, the role of practicing reflection at the workplace, approaches of self-reflection in order to enable workers to develop better awareness at work and consolidate the skills and knowledge. The student should also be able to write the perks of reflective practice, Gibbs reflective cycle, models of professional reflection, and types of reflective practice with discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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