3CO02 Principles of Analytics CIPD Level 3 Assignment Examples

In this module, you will learn and understand about principles of analytics are used by HR professionals to convey and carry forward the important information to the organization to bring essential changes.

The module covers outcomes and application of evidence-based practices in the organization, the importance of feedback and data to make decisions, the concept of creating value to approach more customers and stakeholders and the role of analytics to enhance working practices.

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The learner will get to develop an understanding of all these topics by making assignments and projects comprise related questions. Analytics has a big role in establishing the high value of brands and products in the market. To allow an organization to differentiate between the previous practices to newer ones, analytics helps in adapting to the changes. The whole concept, theories, and principles of analytics will provide understanding to the CIPD Level 3 students. Thus, a Level 3 HR learner should focus on their learning of data analysis and how they can help organization managers to implement these analytics for making products more customized.

Here, we will discuss some of the sample questions according to the individual learning outcome.

Assignment Examples of CIPD Level 3 based on the first outcome of module 3CO02: How evidence-based practice informs measures and outcomes and how it is applied within your organization.

  1. What are evidence-based practices and how it improves outcomes?

When answering this question, the Level 3 HR foundation students have to demonstrate the importance of evidence-based practices employed in the organization, the theory of evidence-based practices including 5 A’s i.e. ask, acquire,  appraise, apply and assess, and other components of it. Also, discussing the facts and features of EBP to help in decision making along with the brief mention of the goals of the evidence-based practices.

In the second part of the question, the learner has to include how an organization can improve outcomes and take measures with the help of EBP. The people practice students have to make sure that they learn about this topic thoroughly because of the huge importance of it in the lives of the people in organization.

  1. How evidence based practice applied in the organization?

The sources of evidence, implementation of best available evidences into actions, effectiveness and benefits of the evidence based practices in the organization should be covered in the answer to this question. The learner should have understanding of the idea of good decision making with the knowledge of critical thinking, research practices and the learning of the people analytics can help learners to make the answer more relevant.

Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 objective two of 3CO02: Explain different types of data and their importance to help in decision making and interpretation of basic financial information.

  1. Discuss the importance of data in businesses with different types of data measurement.

The learner needs to understand the importance of data used in making business decisions better to write an answer to this question. The answer also covers the main sources of data, how data can be used in analysis of the performance, how to collect data and if a learner want to show how data can affect organization through an example then it will be better in answering this question.

The second part of the question will cover the types of data measurement in the organization in order to give brief understanding of the decision making from each form of data measurement. The student needs to categorize according to the types of data measurement. There are mainly 4 scales of measurement of data i.e. nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Thus, each type has to be discussed in details when answering this question.

  1. How to interpret basic financial information?

Interpretation of financial data involves different processes such as arrangement, analysis, finding the relationship between available facts and making a conclusion according to the analyzed information. Thus, learners of level 3 have to make sure to learn about critical thinking skills and calculation to interpret and write successfully about question asked on financial information.

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Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 third outcome of 3CO02 module: Review the concept of creating value, explaining how your organisation approaches this for its customers and stakeholders.

  1. Discuss the concept of value creation?

Learner can start to write this question’s answer by defining the value creation and follow through describing the importance of it in creating value for customers, owners, employees with the activities of creating value. Learner can also include the strategies and examples of an organization to create higher value and end an answer by mentioning the benefits of value creation.

  1. Explain the approaches of an organization for creating value?

Learner should have a good understanding of value creation to answer about the different approaches taken by organization in creating better value for the customers. One of the value based approach is value based pricing, the strategy based on the customers perceived value of the products and services. Thus the students of foundation level should have a better understanding of the customers based value creation approaches to answer this question.

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Assignment Questions comes from CIPD Level 3 fourth outcome of 3CO02 module: Explore the role of analytics and other technology in enhancing working practices, including the associated risks. 

  1. Explain the role of analytics at workplace?

In order to provide accurate answer to this question, students have to discuss definition, importance and scope of business analytics. Also, if a learner briefly discuss the facts that how can analytics helps business to achieve success and why do business need analytics for creating value of the products and services then they can get good marks of this question. The question can also be asked as discuss the types of business analytics methods and their application.

Thus, learner should have an in-depth knowledge of analytics techniques and their application at different workplaces.

  1. How an organization can enhance working practices through analytics?

This question can be interpreted in the different forms like discussing types of analytics, difference between data analysis and analytics, the importance of analytics to make decisions fast, the uses of analytics and how to improve analytical methods to help business grow. Thus, when learner acquiring their knowledge in second module of Level 3 CIPD course, they must ensure that they get a complete understanding of Analytics and its related topics and never forget to build a strong foundation of broad spectrum of all the units.

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