3CO01 Business, culture and change context CIPD Level 3 Assignment Examples

Learning and Understanding the Business culture and the change it faces and appreciates is important for the HR or L&D learners of the Level 3 CIPD course. The objective of this module is to provide knowledge to the student about how the business runs considering the external factors and workplace culture. The assignments also play a vital role when understanding and acquiring the skills required by an HR individual. Assignments can help learners to quickly gain knowledge about each topic that comes from each Unit of the module.

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Thus, when writing an assignment, learners have to cover each aspect of the topic that has been asked. With that, the learner will not forget about the different factors of the topic.

This new module 3CO01 will cover and exempt you from previously used two modules below from the old Level 3 qualification.
– Understanding organizations and the role of human resources
– Supporting change within organizations

There are basically 5 outcomes of the module from which the number of assignments can be assigned to a learner. What you will learn about include:

  • Discuss the external factors that influence businesses, and how a company sets goals.
  • Defining workplace culture and how people’s behavior affects it.
  • Explain how organizations are whole systems and how their actions affect others.
  • Understand how people learn, adapt, and develop in different ways.
  • Develop an understanding of how people professionals impact people, and how project planning manages change.

Now, let’s see some of the sample questions from each of the learning outcomes of Business, culture, and change context. The discussion questions will give you a brief idea about how questions can be made and will provide a better understanding of how to write answers in a way that allows you to get higher marks in the assessments.

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Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 first outcome of 3CO01: Discuss the external factors that influence Businesses, and how a company sets goals.

  1. What are the external influences that affect business?

The learner will need to demonstrate the factors that have major influences on the business and should answer the following question in the proper discussion. Usually, the PESTEC acronym used for some of the business factors including political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and competitive. However, the business has no major control over these factors but still HR leaner has to learn and understand them for an in-depth explanation when answering this question.

CIPD Level 3 learners have to discuss the answer by showing how external factors can impact a business in both ways positively and negatively along with the discussion of the success rate of the companies that focuses on these factors primarily.

  1. Why and how it is important to set goals in the organization?

To comprehensively answer this question, the students have to clarify the importance of goal setting in the company or organization. When answering this question, the learner should know all the levels of organization priority by mentioning the purpose, goal, and objectives of the organization in preparation for the successful business culture.

Also, the answer should not be exclusive of the steps of setting goals because the stepwise process can give higher marks to the students in the assignments or exams. This question has greater chances to come in the exams. Thus, students have to conclude how goal settings can affect an organization by discussing through an example, what has been a fault in the set goals and what are the positive results comes out when a company set proper goals.

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Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 second outcome of 3CO01: Defining workplace culture and how people’s behaviour affects it.

  1. Discuss workplace culture with definition.

The learner has to understand the question before giving any relevant answer because there can be many ways to elaborate on this question. Students have to focus on why workplace culture important, how it matters and how to define it. The significance of the company culture is huge in the course of the CIPD HR Level 3. This question covers more than half of the second objective of the module. Therefore, leaner need to ensure to define organizational culture deeply.

The question can be divided into several sections like the meaning of workplace culture, what is positive or good workplace culture, how to develop a culture at the workplace and its examples. Thus, the learner must be capable to demonstrate every section of the question to test a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

  1. How employee behaviour affects company culture?

This question can be answered according to the factors affecting organization culture including the employees of the workplace. Describing the attitudes, mentality, interests, skills and even thought process of an employee is a good way to answer this question.

Also, what motivates an employee to make good company culture, communication of an employee, decision making of an employee and last but not the least what are the daily improvements an employee does also have a major impact on the organization culture. Thus, most of the questions on employee behavior must be covered when answering this question.

Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 third outcome of 3CO01: Explain how organizations are whole systems and how your actions affect others.

  1. How an organization is a whole system?

The learner will develop an understanding of the whole system by giving the answer to this question. Understanding the whole systems and organizations might give some insights about the approach of an organization towards whole systems.

The answer should provide a deep understanding of the different kinds of sub-topics such as main systems that runs the organization, system thinking, reasons that make an organization unique, designing of the whole systems, the difference between an organization and a system ad negative and positive synergy in the whole organizational system.

  1. How actions are taken in the organization affect others?

To meet the needs of the question, the learner has to understand how actions can be taken in the organization and how it affects others. From individuals to groups in the company, anyone can be affected depends on how leaders take action. Leaner should demonstrate the leadership in the company, employee behaviors, and how they adapt to the changes or actions taken by an organization. By mentioning both the positive and negative side of the impacts of the actions of the other.

One action can have a major impact on others. Thus, the importance of the right actions and decisions should also be discussed when answering this question.

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Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 fourth outcome of 3CO01: Understand how people learn, adapt and develop in different ways.

  1. Explain how people learn to adapt?

The answer can be interpreted through the learning of others or from the experience of your own. An HR department focuses on such type of question that relates learn and adapt theories and psychologies. People can learn to adapt to change by making different strategies that can promote them. The CIPD Level 3 students should have extensive knowledge of the topic in order to mention adaptability skills, ability to learn and features to embrace changes.

  1. Discuss types or ways of development?

In order to answer this question successfully, the learner can define different aspects of development like social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. The areas of development must be discussed when answering this question as they can enhance the understanding and leaning of the students. If a leaner also demonstrate the five or six important development skills at the workplace then they may achieve good marks in these kinds of questions.

Assignment Questions from CIPD Level 3 fifth outcome of 3CO01: Understanding how people professionals impact people, and how project planning manages change.

  1. How HR impacts people in an organization?

Understanding the company culture for the students is essential in order to answer this question. Since HR managers help in building good organizational culture, the HR learner should know how HR can also affect the company. Students have to demonstrate the dimensions and practices by HR for the considerable changes in the performance of an organization.

Therefore, all the core functions and features of HR should be discussed in the answer. Marketing strategies and management can also be affected by HR. So, explaining this question with examples of other organization’s cultures is an effective way to answer.

  1. How project planning in the organization manage changes?

There are few aspects of this question that should be discussed by a learner of CIPD Level 3. Students can starts from the discussion about the stages or phases of project planning, measures to control changes in your project, and elaborating the process of project planning.

Sometimes, what makes an organization allow directing changes through project planning can also be asked and answered in this question. Therefore, learners also have a wide understanding of project planning and project life cycle with the kind of results in the changes that occurred should be discussed to accurately answer this question.

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