You will be given a brief for the development of an on-screen programme. You will produce a programme: computer science Assignment, UK

Subject Computer Science Assignment.

Software Development

You will be given a brief for the development of an on-screen programme. You will produce a programme that will produce an entry screen which will prompt the user for inputs. The programme will then undertake a calculation and display the result in a suitable format.

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You are expected to follow the correct procedure for this development and to
demonstrate that you have done so. You must produce documentation that demonstrates that you have followed the following steps:

1. a design solution in detail,
2. the programme,
3. a test plan and results,
4. modifications,
5. a final solution and test results.

Overall the evidence needs to be produced in a logical way and it needs to be technically accurate. instruction to rech full mark.

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i will analyse an engineering problem and provide a design, including a test plan, using structured tools that explains how they intend to solve it. They will develop a highlevel language program employing sequence, selection and iteration to solve the problem. The final program will allow some user choice and input, for example they may select to calculate acceleration, inputting values for force and mass from a menu offering force, mass or acceleration. Learners will provide evidence of testing their solution against the test plan. The evidence will show the results of the tests, which demonstrate that the program operates as intended. As part of the development process, i will provide evidence of how the program has been optimised. For example, at the design stage, i may reduce the number of steps in the program, perhaps by passing parameters between functions, and make further refinements during development. The program will be annotated to allow third parties to understand the program structure and flow. Overall, the evidence will be presented clearly and in a way that would be understood by a third party who may or may not be an


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