You need to provide a reflective account that focuses on your professional development and uses experiences: Nursing Studies Essay, UD, UK

University University Of Derby (UD)
Subject Nursing Studies

You need to provide a reflective account that focuses on your professional development and uses experiences from all of your crossfield workbooks as evidence of that development.

You should choose a theme to organize your reflection for example the development of compassion, developing confidence in their own practice, communication, and assessment skills.

You should not describe four separate examples from each of the other fields of practice. By this, it means that you should not write four separate reflections but the examples should be integrated with the theme of your professional development and flow together.

  • Discuss your experiences related to the FOUR fields (as per your workbooks but not specifically the experiences in your workbooks) in relation to your theme
  • Refer to four individual events and four individual clients – compare and contrast your experiences in relation to your chosen theme.
  • Remember this is one essay based upon the theme and not individual reflections about each experience.

The focus of the assignment is on the analysis of your development and the critical discussion of the evidence base but there does need to be enough detail of your practice to act as a basis for this critical reflection.

For the critical discussion of the evidence base, this means making an evaluation of its worth. Think about the source of your evidence, any gaps there may be, and alternative approaches. So for example

I demonstrated my understanding of the patient’s distress by taking his hand and this is supported by Smith’s (2014) work on the therapeutic touch that suggests this develops the relationship between nurse and patient and shows compassion. However, Smith (2014) presents the author’s professional opinion supported by references whereas McGill (2016) conducted qualitative research with 42 participants that suggest some patients are uncomfortable holding hands with the nurse which means I need to consider this for my future practice.

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