You have recently started an internship at an educational charity. The director of the charity is interested in how big data and data analytics: Big Data and Business Analytics Assignment ,UOL, UK

University University of Liverpool (UOL)
Subject Big Data and Business Analytics

Vocational Scenario or Context

You have recently started an internship at an educational charity. The director of the charity is interested in how big data and data analytics might be used by the organization to improve the way they target their efforts so that the work they do can be as effective as possible. Following the report, you produced on the topic the director has asked you to look into the statistical tools and techniques which can be used to analyze data.

Task 1

You should use this data to carry out an analysis and evaluation using:

  • routine and non-routine central tendency
  • dispersion and probability distribution operations,
  • routine and non-routine regression operations identifying those Local Authorities which perform better than average and those which perform worse and how this differs by gender.

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You will write up the results of your investigations in the form of a report. Your report needs to show that you have:

  • Tabulated grouped data and generate fully annotated pie charts, bar charts, and histograms
  • Accurately calculated representative values for central tendency and evaluate the usefulness of the values in relation to the distribution of data.
  • Accurately calculated variance, standard deviation, range, interquartile and inter-percentile values of normally distributed data and explained the meaning of each. You have carried out a t-test on two sets of data and evaluated the relevance of the result.
  • Used the given data to accurately determine the equation of linear regression and correlation coefficient.
  • Compared the predicted value of the dependent variable with the value obtained from the graph for a non-measured value, in relation to the value of the correlation coefficient.
  • Justified the choice of regression type for a non-linear relationship, such as a power relationship.

Your report should be easily understood by a third party with a mathematical background and should include the correct use of mathematical terminology and the application of relevant units.

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