You are working as an Engineering Technician for a large building services engineering consultancy: UNIT: 2 Construction Technology Assignment, UK

You are working as an Engineering Technician for a large building services engineering consultancy and your employer has asked you to produce ‘design consideration’ pamphlets/booklets to be distributed to new employees. The documents are to consider the functional requirements and design selection criteria for different elements of:

  • Two-storey domestic buildings,
  • Shopping centre on the town retail park,
  • Light-weight warehouse.

Sustainability, environmental issues, on-site and off-site construction technologies, legal and health & safety requirements should be considered.

Document 1: Substructures

This document should consider the pre-design studies to be carried out and the type of information to be collated in order to design the most suitable foundation types for the given


The document should also consider the construction of different types of foundations and their suitability for use with different types of structures.
In the pamphlet (for D1), you must evaluate how the functional characteristics and design selection criteria impact on the eventual design solution.

Document 2: Superstructures

This document should consider the following elements of the superstructure for a given project:
• Walls
• Roofs
• Floors – ground and intermediate
• Windows and doors
• Staircases
• Finishes

The document should contain a description of the functional characteristics of each of the above elements and the design selection criteria for their use.
Both documents should contain diagrams to illustrate the content. Each pamphlet is to be indexed with a checklist for use by technicians when carrying out design considerations.

For D2, prepare a design report identifying superstructure, substructure and engineering structures necessary for a given building construction project.
For both D1 and D2, you must select non-biased and reliable sources of information when justifying your analysis. This distinction grade will only be awarded if the assessor is satisfied that you have reflected on reliable research material (fully referenced) to form the basis of your judgements

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