You Are Required To Create An End-To-End IoT Technology Demonstrator Application: Internet Of Things Coursework, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject Internet Of Things

1.  IoT Device Demonstrator

You are required to create an end-to-end IoT technology demonstrator application. It should utilize two application sections:

a) An IoT device using Node-RED. The device should be on a Node-RED PC installation (or Mac if that is your preferred platform).

b) A Node-RED application on IBM Cloud.

The specification for each of these is given below.

A separate document contains a template for the report that you should deliver for assessment:‘Internet of Things CW2 RESIT Session 2020-21 Submission Document.docx’.The report is based upon implementing the Technology Demonstrator system.

1.1 IoT device using Node-RED

You are required to create a Node-RED flow for the device. The flow should be capable of sending and receiving data according to the following specification. It will be sending data to your IBM Cloud application and also receive data from this application.

1.1.1   Sending Data

The flow should use as a starting point the Node-RED importable code in Appendix A IoT Device Starter Code. This includes a function that provides two data items each time that the inject button is clicked; the data represents temperature and humidity.

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The flow should send the data to the IBM Cloud application by utilizing the IBM Watson IoT service, using a Watson IoT Out node. You should create a new Watson IoT Service device for this, with a device-type named ‘CW2’ and a device named ‘CW2Dev1’.

Any data sent should also be shown on your Node-RED Debug Panel for your IoT Device.

1.1.2   Receiving Data

The flow should receive messages sent by the IBM Cloud application using the MQTT service, using any suitable public MQTT broker.

Received messages are to be displayed using a Node-RED Debug node.

1.2 Watson IoT Service

Create a Boardnamed CW2 within your Watson IoT Service that contains:

  • ACardwith a bar-chart that shows temperature data being received from the IoT DeviceCW2Dev1.
  • A Card with a bar-chart that shows humidity data being received from the IoT Device CW2Dev1.
  • A Card with the followingUsageentry: Device types.
  • A Card with the following Usageentry: Data Transferred.

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