You are expected to conduct your research independently and should ensure that your sources of information: Psychology Assignment, UOW, UK

University University of Wolverhampton (UOW)
Subject Psychology

You must carry out detailed secondary research into an area that interests you. Your research will revolve around an original research question or statement. Possible suggestions:

  • Examine the impact of NHS cuts on the service user
  • Examine the links between pregnancy. giving birth and mental healthcare psychopaths a product of nature or nurture
  • Assess whether the NHS should collect stem cells from babies when they are born” “Should all babies be breastfed?
  • How does Childhood abuse affect the psychological development of a child?”
  • Examine the impact of society on the individual. who I am. how I am and why I am.
  • Assess the effects of mental health on children in war torn countries
  • To what extent has the bursary had an impact on the nursing profession?

Task 1: 

In order to conduct your research, you must first prepare and submit a research proposal within one week of receipt of this assignment brief. Your proposal will identify the research topic that you have chosen and will provide justification for your research based on the problems that you have identified. You should clearly indicate the aim(s) of your research, the main sources that you will use to compile your report, and the research methodology that will be appropriate to establishing the relevant information for your chosen topic. Finally, you will identify the limitations within which your report will be prepared. You will receive developmental feedback on your proposal and you should demonstrate how you have incorporated this into your research project.

Task 2:

You are expected to conduct your research independently and should ensure that your sources of information provide you with sufficient, relevant, and appropriate material such that you can demonstrate within your report that there are various opinions, views, perspectives, and arguments, related to our topic. The conclusions and recommendations that you draw will be based on the evidence.

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