You are a marketing consultant who is going to develop a target market strategy for a global brand and present your marketing strategy to the Top Management Team: Global Marketing Assignment, UOY,UK

University University of York (UOY)
Subject Global Marketing

Assessment 1: Oral Assessment and Recorded Online Individual Presentation

CASE SCENARIO: Developing Target Market Strategy for a Global Brand in the UK.

You are a marketing consultant who is going to develop a target market strategy for a global brand and present your marketing strategy to the Top Management Team through a 10-minute individual presentation. The selected brand must exist in another country but not
available in the UK.

As a marketing consultant, you will select an international brand (e.g. Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Red Bull, BMW, Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Hilton, Zara, Ferrero, Carrefour, Metro, Auchan, Decathlon, etc). The brand you have selected MUST NOT be available in the UK which is ESSENTIAL for this assignment.

The recorded individual presentation should address this hypothetical situation and develop a target market strategy for the UK market.

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Your presentation should include;

– A profile of the relevant macro or micro marketing environment for the selected brand (e.g.opportunities and threats for the brand in the UK marketing environment or the industry in which this brand is going to enter). For example, if CARREFOUR was the chosen brand, The UK would be the relevant marketing environment, and the food retail industry would be the relevant industry. If a product from Ferrero(e.g. Pocket Coffee has not been launched by Ferrero in the UK yet) was chosen, the UK would be the relevant marketing environment and the ‘confectionery’ industry would be the most relevant industry.

– A description of the two (maximum) potential market segments using the Buying Proforma Model (See Dibb, Simkin, Pride, & Ferrell, 2019, Marketing Concepts and Strategies).

– A discussion of how the final target market segment is determined using the Directional Policy Matrix.

– A discussion and justification of the selected brand’s market entry mode in the UK. At this stage, no marketing plan is required that will be the focus of the individual report (see the individual report brief for further details).

You need to do some desk research on global brands and, the marketing environment as well as
the industry in which the brand operates.

In order to achieve the required analytical level, your individual presentation must refer to the global marketing theory and provide evidence for secondary research.

In order to assess market attractiveness and develop a target market strategy for the chosen brand, you should utilize the followings:

  1. Political, social/cultural, economic, and technological environment (i.e. PESTEL
  2. SWOT Analysis: Don’t forget that SWs are related to the organization and assessed internally and whereas OTs are related to the market environment and assessed externally;
  3.  A brief audit of the competition;
  4.  Evaluation of possible market entry mode(s);
  5.  Identification of one target market for the global brand

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