Write up and return a report on what you have done and what you have found out. Aim – why was this investigation carried out?: IFP CHEMISTRY Lab Assignment, UK

University university of dublin trinity college
Subject IFP CHEMISTRY Lab Assignment


  1. Write up and return a report on what you have done and what you have found out.
    1. Aim – why was this investigation carried out?
    2. Background theory – Brief introduction to the Gas Laws (in terms of particles)
    3. Method – how you used the simulation, and how you analyzed your data.
    4. Data and analysis – Tables of your results and graphs. All graphs should have titles, labeled axes with units and an equation showing how the variables are related to each other.
    5. Use the simulation to do a calculation using or  and comment on your answer(s) [For example: use 50 molecules   and write down the pressure, temperature, and volume (make sure the volume is cubed).  Use SI units.  Calculate R.  Did you calculate a reasonable value for R?]
    6. Discussion – explanation of what you have learned from the data and analysis; any problems in the investigation; how you could overcome these problems and improve the investigation?
    7. Conclusion – a short summary of what you did and what you learned. Show how the Ideal Gas Equation is derived from the relations you have studied in parts 1-4.
    8. Upload the assignment to moodle in the section on gas laws (Gas Laws Simulation Assignment). The word file should be titled with your student name, chemistry group and student number (e.g. niall.byrne chem 2 XXXXXXX.doc)
    9. You will only be allowed to upload 1 document to moodle. Graphs and tables must be contained in 1 document (.pdf or .doc).

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