write an essay that considers a specific recent change in translators’ professional context which will impact on their practice: Translation studies Essay, UOE, UK

University University of Exeter (UOE)
Subject Translation studies


For the end-of-module assessment, you are required to write an essay that considers a specific recent change in translators’ professional context which will impact on their practice (this change is described below in Step 1). Informed by the knowledge of translation theory and practice that you have acquired in the course, you will identify aspects of this change that would benefit from being investigated, and analyse the situation from different points of view.

The aim of this assignment is to explore your understanding of the issues covered in the module and to make an effective link between theory and practice by reflecting on and exploring the potential to research an identified aspect of translation practice.

The steps below provide some additional information on what we would like you to do. Please note that Steps 1 and 3 are ‘thinking steps’ and therefore do not have a word count. They are there to help you think about the task. Steps 2, 4, 5 and 6 describe what you need to write about and therefore have a word count.

Step 1

Consider the following scenario: a translation agency has decided to impose and implement a brand-new cloud-based translation management system (see Units 6 and 8) for their employees and freelance translators to use. Previously, the agency only asked its translators to use glossaries it provided. This change will, therefore, affect the way in which translators work in/for this organisation. Think about the possible challenges and problems that this change will bring about in terms of the ways in which the agency and its translators work.

Step 2

Dedicate some space in your EMA (preferably at the start) to providing some contextual information on the type of agency that you are focusing on.

Step 3

Consider the four translation paradigms presented in the module (Units 1−4) – linguistic, functionalist, descriptive, cultural/sociological – and think about how each might consider this decision and the benefits/drawbacks that it might present from each perspective.

Step 4

Choose two of these perspectives/paradigms. For each one, identify a research question appropriate to the paradigm and explain how this research question could be investigated, i.e. what methods could be used and what the data would illustrate. You might like to refer to Study Session 7.1 which explains how to identify an appropriate research question and choose appropriate research methods.

Step 5

Drawing on what you have learned from Unit 7 and the rest of the module, including the embedded readings and previous assignments, identify and explain (1) the gap that each research project would fill in the field of Translation Studies and (2) how the results of each research project might be beneficial for the translation agency and/or its translators.

Step 6

Bearing in mind the different assumptions underlying each of the paradigms, explain which of the two research projects you would be most interested in pursuing, and why you feel that you would align yourself more with this project/position than another.

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