What kind of literature did the author review and What does that tell you about their main interest, focus, and research paradigm: International and comparative Human resource management Essay, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject International and comparative Human resource management

learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical appreciation of theoretical knowledge in strategic international or comparative human resource management designed to improve performance in an organizational context
  2.  Analyze and evaluate strategic international or comparative HRM strategies and practices in an organizational context using relevant theoretical frameworks, current research, and good practice to identify solutions to potential problem areas and the likely consequences if these are not addressed.


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate what you have learned about the different approaches to research. Therefore, you will find it much easier to do this assignment if you choose an article that is based on primary research. If you chose a different kind of article, a literature review, an article proposing a theoretical model, or a ‘how to do it’ article you will find it much harder as you can only really critique articles like this if you know the subject matter in as much depth as the author – and that is unlikely.


  • What kind of literature did the author review? What does that tell you about their main interest, focus, and research paradigm? What have they left out?
  • What choices did they make about their methodology? What comments can you make about their choices? Don’t just say they are good – say WHY you have made that judgment.
  • What about the sampling selection? Is it representative of the population?
  • Do you think that the questions used in the methodology are valid? Did they test the questions of validity and reliability?
  • How clearly have they set out their findings and their evidence? What audience are they writing for? How well can you judge the validity of their findings?
  • Do they identify some key relevant points in their discussion? Do these follow from their findings?
  • And finally, how does that research add to our understanding of the topic? Who is the research aimed at? How useful is it? How applicable might it be too different situations? What are the limitations of the research?

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