UBGMFX-15-M: Apply design principles and standards to transport infrastructure geometric design problems: Transport Infrastructure Course Work, UWE, UK

University University of the West of England (UWE)
Subject UBGMFX-15-M: Transport Infrastructure

Module outcomes

  • MO1 Apply design principles and standards to transport infrastructure geometric design problems
  • MO2 Apply design principles and standards to transport infrastructure construction problems
  • MO3 Generate a number of design options to solve an open-ended problem
  • MO4 Synthesise specifications, standards, and site conditions to develop final detailed solutions.

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Appendices to your design

  • Appendix D1.1: A design statement up to a single side of A4 that a) Describes the problem; b) summarises the principles adopted to solve the problem; c) notes particular challenges and issues; d) summarises the final design and remaining deficiencies in the design.
  • Appendix D1.2: A tabulation of the assumptions you have adopted for the design and calculations you have made based on these (Annex 1 to this brief provides a tabulation of design parameters that you will need to make assumptions about for the design).
  • Appendix D1.3: A plan layout at an appropriate scale that shows the general arrangement of the proposed south-facing slip-roads (an off-slip on the North West side of the motorway and an on-slip on the southwest side of the motorway between Stoke Lane and the M32).
  • Appendix D1.4: A fully-dimensioned cross-section at a particular chainage chosen by you on one of the slip roads (either the on-slip or the off slip) drawn to an appropriate scale showing the actual batter slope lengths on both sides of the construction that connect to existing ground level (NB This should *NOT* be a generic cross-section). Assume the batter slopes are at 1:2.
  • Appendix D1.5: A statement on a single side of A4 concerning ways in which the design will safely ensure that only Metrobus will use the slip-road. You will need to address the issue of how general traffic vehicles that mistakenly enter the slip-road(s) are to be dealt with. You may wish to consider Intelligent Transport System applications in this regard.

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