The nature of the current offence highlights Mr. Reeve’s failure to consider the consequences: Probation Service Officer Recruitment Assessment, UK

University University of Law (UOL)
Subject Probation Service Officer Recruitment

Offender Assessment

The nature of the current offence highlights Mr. Reeve’s failure to consider the consequences of his actions. He demonstrated that he does intend on inflicting harm on others when he assaulted a police officer, whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol appears to feature in Mr. Reeve’s offending behaviour. The Court will be aware that he has previous convictions for possession of a BB gun in 2019. He reported that he drinks a litre of spirits a day but does not consider that his level of usage requires any intervention. He stated that he has never used drugs.

Having completed his statutory education and gaining qualifications, Mr. Reeve reported no literacy or numerical difficulties. He is currently unemployed and is not claiming any benefits. Mr. Reeve reported having no outstanding fines or debt.

Mr. Reeve currently lives with his long-term girlfriend and two young children at the given address which they co-own.  The police have attended the property for many incidents related to domestic violence between 2006 and 2019.

There are some concerns with regards to his mental health as he has reported hearing voices.

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