SG7003:You have been managing your company in the business simulation activity for the last 5 years: Business Simulation with Professional Development Assignment, UOEL, UK

University University of East London (UOEL)
Subject SG7003: Business Simulation with Professional Development

Individual assignment overview

The individual assignment – to be submitted as one report – is comprised of two parts: A and B. Part A is the simulation evaluation. This focuses on evaluating your company in the simulation. Part B is the professional development reflection. This focuses on evaluating your individual performance in working with other students in your team in the simulation. Each part is worth 50%.

Part A: Individual simulation evaluation (Business simulation)

You have been managing your company in the business simulation activity for the last 5 years. You are now reviewing and presenting your future plans for the company based on your annual business plans (for each simulation week) and performance in the simulation. You are required to evaluate the success of your decisions and make recommendations for future company plans.

Further details:

Performance review:

  • Assess the success of the strategy or strategies compared to industry conditions and competitors in the simulation.
  • Analyze company performance e.g. comparing actual performance with targets in your Business Plan, financial data analysis, decision analysis and justification of performance measures and strategy, application of business scorecard, etc.

Performance analysis further details:

  • Explain why business plan achieved/ missed, why performance changed
  • Explain differences from competitors/ industry (in simulation)
  • Explain any changes made to the business plan and company, why, any impact.

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Part B: Individual reflective report (Professional development)

Your annual Performance Development Review is approaching. You are keen to reflect on how working in this team compares to what you have learnt on your MBA course and your understanding of how companies perform in the mobile phone industry. You are required to prepare a report that covers research into one or two events from your simulation team looking at group dynamics, how decisions were made, leadership analysis, and implications for your individual professional development.


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