Python Algorithm that Recommends Stocks Buying and Selling Using 100MA and 30MA: Computer Science Literature Review, UOL, UK

University University of London (UOL)
Subject Computer Science


In this literature review, I will be exploring different literature types of literature that are similar or that can expand my knowledge related to the title: Python algorithm that recommends stocks buying and selling using 100MA and 30MA. I have been reading several books such as Python and Algorithmic Trading by Yves Hilpisch and Learn Algorithmic Trading by Sebastien Donadio, Sourav Ghosh.

This literature Review would be critiquing several different types of AI algorithm trading and explain these feature and disadvantages and advantages of using this AI algorithm. That are used in articles besides, my articles will indulge in difference between human trading and machine trading.

Furthermore, several articles and YouTube videos, these literatures instigate different types of algorithms like NumPy functions and how to create data frames, filtering, descriptive statistics (summary), join/merge, grouping, and sub-setting. I also dwelled into little bit of time-series data.

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