PS4001:Please find below some instructions for conducting a thematic analysis of interview transcripts on the subject of smoking and vaping: Psychology Research Methods Assignment, KU, UK

University Kingston University(KU)
Subject PS4001: Psychology Research Methods

Instruction Sheet

You are required to write a lab report of 1500 words (not including any quotations from the interviews). Please find below some instructions for conducting a thematic analysis of interview transcripts on the subject of smoking and vaping. We will be using these data to conduct a thematic analysis, which you will write up for lab report 2.


The introduction needs to include a review of the literature relevant to the research topic, culminating in the research question. You will need to do a focused literature review to identify papers relevant to the research. Make sure that your literature review relates to the themes you choose – it may help to go back and finish your literature review after you have decided which themes to write about. I have provided some useful references (please see below), but you need to find at least TWO more journal articles or textbook chapters yourself, which are relevant to your themes. At the end of the introduction, make sure that you include the research question – which is the relationship between dual usage (smoking and vaping) and smoker identity.

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Participants were recruited via a social media advertisement and were eligible to take part if they were aged between 18-and 40 years of age, due to this age range having been identified as more inclined to use e-cigarettes/vaporizers. Furthermore, eligibility for the study included: fluency in English, ability to participate in a face-to-face interview, and being a dual user of both cigarettes and e-cigarette/vaporizer at the time the interviewing took place.

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“The questions that were asked in the semi-structured interview were based on an interview guide that was developed to address the identity implications of dual users.

The issues addressed by the interview questions included: participants’ experiences of traditional smoking and vaping; their uptake of traditional smoking and vaping their impressions of traditional smokers and vapers, where these ideas might have come from their identification with smoker and vaper categories; their impressions of how others respond to their smoking behaviors their future plans regarding smoking cessation.  Interviews lasted between 20 and 60 minutes.

The interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed by one researcher. Two interview transcripts were used for the purposes of this analysis”.

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