Provide a normalized ERD by (a) mapping your designed class diagram in the first assignment to a relational database model: System analysis design, Assessment ,TU, UK

University Teesside University (TU)
Subject System analysis design

Task 1 (30%): Database Design and Normalisation

l, then (b) Normalising your
database tables at least to the 3rd Normal Form; and (c) explaining how you
performed the mapping and normalization. It is possible that your table
design in (a) is already normalized, in which case explain in (c) why it is
normalized. In a standard notation, the ERD should show the required tables,
data attributes, primary/foreign keys, relations, and multiplicities.

Task 2 (20%): Architecture Design

Suggest a software/hardware architecture for the new required system.
Design a deployment diagram that shows how would you set up different
software and hardware components of the new system. Explain and justify
your design, having a reference to the non-functional requirements that you
had identified in the first assignment.

Task 3 (20%): UI Design principles & User Interface Mock-up

According to the UI design principles, provide one sample UI design mock-up
(i.e., prototype) for the to-be system and discuss how it would address the
design principles. You are not supposed to provide all the necessary UIs.

Task 4 (20%): UI Design process

Demonstrate a standard UI design process by:

  •  Developing two use scenarios;
  •  Drawing a Navigation Diagram (no component details necessary);
  •  Describing how would you define/apply the standards in your UI design;
  •  Choosing a prototyping technique and an interface evaluation technique, and justifying your choices.

Task 5 (10%): Usability and User experience Goals

Suggest some key requirements in achieving usability goals and user
experience goals.

Grade Based Assessment (GBA) & Assessment Criteria

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