Promoting Health Through The Pregnancy Continuum and you have to write a report on public health in midwifery focusing on smoking in pregnancy: Midwifery Coursework, UoB, UK

University University of Bolton(UoB)
Subject Midwifery

Module: Promoting Health Through The Pregnancy Continuum

module title is promoting health through the pregnancy continuum. have to write a report on public health in midwifery. focusing on smoking in pregnancy. the learning outcomes

lo1. locate select present discuss relevant health data to present a community case study that clearly identifies the health needs of a vulnerable group.

l02. defines health and wellbeing and discusses the perception of health, health literacy, social influence, and behavior whilst giving regard to equality and diversity.

lo3. discusses determinants of health and illness and wellbeing and applies this to patterns of health and wellbeing outcomes. including elements of the 6cs.

looking at smoking cessation and statistics we have to do a case study for the report so my case is a 19-year-old smoking mother who lives in social housing both she and her partner are smokers and unemployed.

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