MS60043E- Undertake a critically evaluated strategic audit using appropriate models & frameworks of the firm’s existing strategy: Strategic Management Business Proposal UoWL, UK

University University of West London (UoWL)
Subject MS60043E Strategic Management
Assessment Task Details

Your individual strategic management report will need to identify the internal and external opportunities and threats facing the organization (s) given in the case study and utilize appropriate frameworks that inform the development of strategic options and recommendations for the organization (s) in terms of future strategic directions and methods of expansion in Asian markets.

The report should therefore be comprised of areas for consideration that address the following questions:

1. Appraise the current strategic positioning of the given organization. (LO1, LO2, LO3 andLO5)

The following will need to be carried out to address this question:

Undertake a critically evaluated strategic audit, using appropriate models & frameworks, of the firm’s existing strategy to its ability to exploit new global opportunities to create a more competitive advantage

To prepare a report for the board of directors, you are required to scan the Micro and Macro environment of the company where it operates.

This will need to include a critical assessment of the external MACRO environment (using the PEST or PESTEL framework); external MICRO environment (using Porter’s 5 Force framework) and internal analysis of the organization (applying Jay Barney’s VRIO or Michael Porter’s Value Chain Analysis) to identify opportunities and threats in both these external and internal environmental layers.

2. What strategic recommendations can you propose for the organization (s) given in the case study to strengthen its current position in the given Market? (LO4, LO6)

The following will need to be carried out to address this question:

Your report must include an analysis and evaluation of the organization’s competitive strategies in a critical and informed way. Evaluating best alternatives and make possible recommendations and conclusions based on thorough analysis and consideration of their future competitive strategies, applying either Porter’s Generic Strategies of Competition framework or Bowman and Faulkner’s Strategy Clock.

Your final strategic management report should contain:

  • executive summary
  • Introduction (Company & industry background, key challenges faced by the selected company)
  • External environmental analysis for identifying opportunities and threats: Macro (PEST or PESTEL) & Micro (5 Forces Framework for analyzing industry structure and the nature of competition)
  • Internalenvironmentalanalysisforidentifyingstrengthsandweaknesses: VRIOorvaluechain analysis
  • Identification of Competitive Strategies (Bowman’s Clock or Porter’s GenericStrategies)
  • Strategic directions (Markets, Products, Services) & methods of expansion
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • In-text citations and list of references using Harvard referencing


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