ME7711B: Entrepreneurship- Developing and Pitching an Idea: Engineering Research Techniques, Entrepreneurship and Quality Management Assignment, KU, UK

University Kingston University(KU)
Subject ME7711: Engineering Research Techniques Entrepreneurship and Quality Management

Assessment Title-Entrepreneurship – developing and pitching an idea

Module Learning Outcomes

The following module learning outcomes and professional body learning outcomes are tested in this assessment:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the international business environment and assess their context (international, local, or organizational) for the support and constraints it provides for entrepreneurial activities, and reflect on the implications
  • Identify problems, needs, or challenges in their environment and respond to these by generating, investigating, and critically evaluating appropriate enterprise ideas.
  • Demonstrate understanding and engagement with an entrepreneurial community

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Assignment Brief

These will be fully discussed within a formally timetabled class

This assignment gives you the chance to explore an entrepreneurial idea, with the potential of winning a cash prize and finding mentoring and support through an ideas competition.  You should aim to build on your engineering expertise to respond to a real problem. These opportunities are helpful for your cv, and participating in them gives you something to talk about at an interview.

The entrepreneurial idea needs to address the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The lectures and workshops which are being run for you should equip you with the necessary concepts and give you time and space to develop your ideas and receive feedback on them.  In particular, you will be able to develop and present your idea in the course of online workshops (Hackathons). During these workshops, you will be able to present your ideas for feedback and to entrepreneurship and industry experts. The aim of these workshops is to help you to develop your assignment and your submission to the Bright Ideas competition. All students are expected to attend to develop their skills and understanding of the startup process, hear pitches, give feedback, and learn from the feedback provided.

  1. To demonstrate your engagement with an entrepreneurial community, you should attend the workshops, and submit your idea to the Bright Ideas competition online by the deadline given above. Provide evidence of this submission as an appendix to the assignment which you submit. [For cohorts that start later in the year, a separate competition will be run, and you will be given the details
  2. To demonstrate your understanding of the international business environment, and your ability to identify needs and address them, you should:

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