MA34: A European company wants to change its current strategies that are being implemented and used in its marketing department: Strategic Marketing Essay, WUAS, UK

University Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS)
Subject MA34: Strategic Marketing


A European company wants to change its current strategies that are being implemented and used in its marketing department. They want to expand outside of the European Union (you can select a region of your choice e.g., the US, Asia, or Africa…). As part of their marketing team, your task is to collect, compare and analyze information for the development of the most suitable marketing approach for the company, to succeed in this new challenge. In order to accomplish this, it has been requested of you write a report.
In your (report) essay, you must describe, discuss, compare and explore the following using relevant examples:

1. Introduce the topic and the company based on its mission and vision, aims, and objectives, describe its current strategic marketing approach, and explain the link with the mission statement.

2. Describe the competitive advantage of the company, and analyze the importance of its competitive success.

3. Choose and discuss the steps you can take for the social media strategy to promote the business brand of the company. How would you approach a social media strategy to lead the business to competitive success?

4. Analyse in detail all the key elements of your marketing approach:

5. Which marketing model is the most suitable tool to be used by the company in order to provide solutions for marketing problems? Justify the chosen model and compare it with other marketing models. Please use models other than SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix.

6. What is the target group of the company? Describe the customer(s) and analyze their profile. Discuss what kind of strategic development the company can use for customer satisfaction.

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