LS2527: At the start of the project, you should imagine that you are in Rawls’ ‘original position: Introduction to legal theory Essay, UOA, UK

University University of Aberdeen (UOA)
Subject LS2527: Introduction to legal theory

At the start of the project, you should imagine that you are in Rawls’ ‘original position’.Start to design the parameters of an ‘ideal society. By the end of this stage, you should identify the ‘primary goods’ that you will use and your principles of justice.  They may differ from those suggested by Rawls, or they may be precisely the same. Be critical and reflective at this point.  If you do decide to adopt the same primary goods and principles of justice as Rawls, do so because you actually believe in them and can defend them.[This section of the project should be approximately 1,000 words long; it is also your Second Formative Exercise]

In week five you will be informed, via CANVAS, of the type of society in which you are living. This will include an indication of the approximate era, geography, economy, and history.  At this point, develop six provisions to be included in a constitution for this society, based on this information. The six constitutional provisions must include at least one provision that defines ‘citizenship’, at least one provision relating to the administration of justice, at least one provision on the passage of legislation, and at least one provision on the head of state. The remaining two provisions can be whatever you wish.REMEMBER:

  1. Even though you now know a bit about society, you still do not know who you are or your place in that society.
  2. These six provisions must be based on the ‘goods’ and ‘principles of justice that you have identified in part 1.

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