KB7040: Critically define aspects of sustainable development pertinent to engineering practice: Sustainable Development for Engineering Practitioners Coursework, NUN, UK

University Northumbria University Newcastle (NUN)
Subject KB7040: Sustainable Development for Engineering Practitioners

Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) assessed by this coursework
Partial assessment of;

MLO1. Critically define aspects of sustainable development pertinent to engineering practice,

MLO2. Critically appraise data obtained through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

MLO3. Apply ethical judgement to demanding situations at the interface between society and technology.

MLO4. Recognise professional obligations to society and the environment.

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Coursework Overview

During successful completion of this coursework, you will employ your awareness and critical approach to proposing design solutions as may be applied to an ill-defined context within sustainable design. This will allow you to demonstrate your ability and skills within the application of knowledge and data evidenced through your ability to propose, define and critically discuss the technical and societal outcomes of a design proposal. You will comment on data reliability and uncertainty issues and express your outcomes in relation to professional obligations to society and the environment.

A critical task for engineering practitioners in the management of schemes supporting society to become more sustainable. Nearly every activity of modern life must reduce its environmental impact for sustainability goals to be delivered, this in turn requires both technological innovation and behavior
change. As engineering practitioners undertake innovative and problem-solving activities it is important that the needs of diverse stakeholders are considered.

Coursework Tasks ;

In this assignment, you are asked to consider and examine a broad range of opportunities for initiatives that will make a community more sustainable. You will produce a report which may provide background for the actions of a range of stakeholders, Civic, corporate and community-led where you are to propose how to effectively introduce sustainable practices within the communities of the town and its surrounding communities.

During timetabled classes you will be introduced to a “case study” location and be provided with an information pack, containing maps, community data, regulatory briefs, and guidance on information sources.

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