Justification and evidence to support your choice, and identification of a suitable research question for your project: International Business Assignment, UOW, UK

University University of Warwick (UOW)
Subject International Business

Write a research proposal for an international business topic of your own interest or one of the topics that were discussed in the seminars in which you are applying qualitative research methods. The research proposal is to be written as if it is an undergraduate dissertation, i.e., an independent and feasible research project. Use in-text citations and provide a bibliography.
In brief, the research proposal requires:

1) Justification and evidence to support your choice, and identification of a suitable research question for your project (worth 35 marks in total)

2) Design a qualitative research project to address your research question (worth 65 marks in total)

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Write your research proposal based on the following guidelines:

1) Develop a suitable research question
a) Provide a brief description of the research context and state your research question clearly.
b) What does the literature say about your chosen topic, and how has this helped you make your question more specific? A brief literature review is required (approximately 300-400 words)
c) Describe the research rationale and explain why your research is timely and relevant. Draw on contemporary theoretical or applied issues you identify as being of particular importance. Explain how you are using them to support (justify) your choice of question.

2) Design a qualitative research project to answer your research question.
d) Describe, evaluate, and justify your proposed research design, method of data collection and method of data analysis. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the data collection and analysis method.
e) Explain what ethical considerations you need to take into account and how you will deal with these.
f) Describe quality issues: how will you ensure your study is not biased? g) Describe and briefly evaluate an alternative way in which you could carry out the research.

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