HSC301 In this assignment, you will be required to study the role of health and social care professionals: An introduction to Health and Social Care Assignment, UK

University UK Professional Development Academy
Subject HSC301 Health and social care Assignment

In this assignment, you will be required to study the role of health and social care professionals. In the first part of the assignment, you will be able to understand the hierarchy of the health and social care sector. You will be able to know the workings of arm-length bodies. This assignment will demonstrate how you can report poor practices in the health and care sphere. You will also
understand the regulatory bodies that are responsible for maintaining quality standards.

Furthermore, you will study the regulatory bodies that manage the professions of health and social care, such as college and training centres. Then, in the second part of this assignment is related to inter-professional and multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

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Learning Outcomes
On completion of this assignment learners should:
LO1 Understand the roles of professionals in health and social care sector
LO2 Understand the roles of arm-length bodies
LO3 Understand how to report poor practice in healthcare sector
LO4 Understand the role of regulatory bodies in healthcare
LO5 Understand the difference between inter-professional and multidisciplinary healthcare teams
LO6 Understand the barrier to inter-professional healthcare teams

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